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Did you know that your Mama Goddess mala also supports women in need? Kim donates 10% of all mala profits to Share the Dignity – an organisation dedicated to supporting women in crisis. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. 


There is a sacred tool for every woman in this collection. Come dance with the Divine archetypes and Goddesses – see who’s calling you forward. Every Mala is sent out with a personalised, intuited message for the wearer.  It is my honour to serve you dear sister.

Everyday Magic, Everyday Wear

If you’re looking for daily reminders to come back to calm, love, self belief – this collection is for you. Easy to wear, beautiful to touch – these gorgeous malas are for everyday adorning.

Divine Feminine Archetypes Embodiment

Complete with her own oracle card, this unique collection offers you the opportunity to connect with the Divine energy you need most right now. Is it time to reawaken your inner wild woman? Dive deep in to your sensual enchantress? Invoke your powerful and oh-so-wise sage? Something else? Each mala possesses the qualities necessary for exquisite embodiment. Come and see who’s calling you forward ….

Goddess Pendants - Manifestation

Clear quartz is the only crystal that can be programmed to hold the owner’s intentions. These unique and stunning pieces are for the woman who yearns to amplify her power to manifest. Whether you are seeking your soul’s true purpose, a clearer connection to your intuition, the magnetic ability to draw to you what you desire … this collection will delight you.

Bracelets - Simplicity

Each hand crafted bracelet is a beautiful memento on its own or sacred accompaniment to your chosen mala. These stunning yet simple pieces are a powerfully effective anchor to remind you of what qualities you choose to radiate. Calm, love, trust, purpose … wear them all and feel the glorious sense of alignment.