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  • This Moonstone crystal Mala is for the woman who wants to feel alignment with her flow instead of always pushing and striving from a place of force. It is for she who wants to feel more ease, grace and pleasure.


    You will notice the powerful card that accompanies this necklace. A woman in total ownership of her sensual, empowered self. In Divine communion with her heart and body – this balance cultivates abundance of all that she desires and acts as a visual reminder of that you want to feel.  (Printed without watermark).

    Divine Enchantress/Maga

    • This glorious piece is calling you to either awaken into, or embody more deeply, your sacred sensuality. Your divine feminine. Your true magnetic nature. 

      There is a force within that yearns to be set free. When embodied, the Divine Feminine allows she to feel powerful, wild, magnetic, aligned. Enchantress energy is so delicious that when tapped into, it revitalises every cell of your Being. As you call forth the Divine enchantress from within, you engage with the sacred mysteries of the most divine  energies.

      Embodying such potent magic has the potential to attract to you that which you deeply desire. Relationships, abundance, creative endeavours …. when wearing this piece, be mindful of what you ask for!

      The woman on this card knows herself. Recognises the importance of pleasure and trusts that she is never alone. Her Animal Spirit Guide – The Jaguar, stands by her side, helping her stay committed to her path with flexibility, surrender and wild passion.

      Whilst you may choose to wear the jewellery as a daily reminder, the card is also a powerful anchor to support you in channeling your inner sensuality and passion as needed. On the reverse of the image is a mantra designed to awaken and invoke the Divine Enchantress within as you recite it.



    100% cotton is used along with 100% natural sandalwood and rosewood that is sustainably sourced from India. 


    All gemstones and crystals ethically sourced and never dyed. The colours and shapes may vary due to the variety of Mother Nature, but the quality is always excellent.


    All Mala's are hand-knotted in ritual by women artisans in Mother India. 


    Feel good about your purchase. 10% of mala profits goes to Share the Dignity – a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to helping women in need every single day.


    The women artisans making our mala’s are paid fair wages and work in a healthy, supportive environment.

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