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Mala Shop - FAQs

Why did you create Mala necklaces to sell?

My sacred jewellery collection was created to call women home. I saw a need in my clients, my friends, myself, to possess a Divine, physical representation of the qualities we yearned to embody most. These glorious pieces act as a reminder to stay connected to the light – even when life feels dark. It’s so easy to fall prey to our challenges, our fears, our self-doubts and indecision – forgetting who we really are beyond our circumstances.


Yet when adorned with sacred jewellery, chosen with heartfelt intention – the truth of our magnificence lays illuminated around our neck’s. Draped lovingly across our fronts, realigning our energy centres, sacred jewellery reawakens us to what’s truly required in every moment of our lives. Trust. Love. Grace. Presence.

Why 108 beads? And what exactly is a Mala necklace?


Traditionally malas were a string of beads used in meditation practice. Whilst sitting in stillness, you move each bead through your fingers reciting a mantra or intention that helps calm the mind and soothe the soul. The act of moving the beads though the fingers and reciting the mantra gives the monkey mind something to focus on other than it’s problems or to-do-list.


The more you use and wear your sacred jewellery, the more you repeat your mantra whilst wearing it, the more you charge it with your spiritual energy.


The number 108 is significant for so many reasons.

Some believe we have 108 energy points in the human body, others believe there are 108 stages on the journey of the human soul. Many believe there are 108 sacred sites in India (where Mala’s originated). There are many reasons for 108 beads and some traditions are meant to be honoured and kept because they are deeply sacred.

I believe mala beads are also beautiful mediums to set intentions, manifest, and generally feel good. You don't have to meditate on the beads, although that's what they are made for in a practical sense.

My malas are hand-knotted between each bead and gemstone, allowing one to chant their mantra — a sound or string of words — and keep track of were they are.

How do I choose my mala?


One of the reasons I created mala’s that follow sacred feminine archetypes is because I want the wearer to deeply connect with her choice.

Quite often I find women choosing their mala by being drawn to the woman’s energy on the corresponding card.

If you are unsure as to which Mala you need most right now, I encourage you to look at the women featured on the cards and notice who is calling you.

Is it the Divine Sage – here to remind you of your inner wisdom? Is it the Wild Woman, here to awaken you to inner freedom?

Before choosing, close down your eyes, place your palms against your heart and breathe into that space. Then ask of yourself: “Who is calling me? Who will help me step into the next phase of my life? Or Who will support me through this time?” or any other question you may feel to ask.

Then take your time with a cup of tea, scrolling through reading about the archetypes and witnessing the faces of the cards.

Concern yourself less with how the mala looks (I can assure you, they are all gorgeous!) and focus more on what you NEED most right now.

Trust yourself. Trust your first instincts – they are often the most accurate.


Why choose a Mama Goddess Mala?


“I can buy a mala at the markets for half the price, why would I choose yours?”


We are attracted to people and energies for a reason. If you feel a mala you have seen elsewhere at a cheaper price will give you what you need – then that is meant to be your mala.


Sacred Jewellery begins with the quality of the materials used. My gemstones are hand-cut, high grade and ethically sourced (which always comes at a higher price).

Then it moves on to the quality of the energy of the artisans/makers and the way in which they are made. My malas are hand-knotted in ritual by women artisans in India. The money they make goes back to helping their families thrive and flourish.


Finally, the jewellery is blessed in ritual by me both once I have received them and also as they get packaged up and sent to you.

I infuse each piece with the vibration I intuit your soul asking for as I personally package your piece. I also include a personal note with a message just for you – something your Spirit needs to hear.


In the event I do not know who the mala is being purchased for, I do all of the above, but do not give the mala her name. This is something you can do for yourself – or invite the wearer of your gift to do.


All of these factors contribute to why when women wear my malas they never want to take them off. They say they feel powerful, connected, loved. Like a piece of them has returned home.


Which is precisely my intention for creating this line. To make women feel special, sacred, seen, supported.


It’s a personal choice on what kind of experience you wish to have as a consumer. Sacred or not? The choice is completely up to you.

It is my absolute honour and joy to serve you.


What is Afterpay?


AfterPay is the online payment method that allows you to pay for your online purchases AFTER receiving them. You only pay for what you want to keep, and you will never have to pay in advance again. AfterPay emails you an invoice with a standard payment period of 4 weeks. Convenient and secure! Unfortunately, this is a service available only to Australian residents.


What if I don’t like my mala when I receive it? Can I return it?



If you receive your mala, try her on and it just doesn’t feel right – you can return in unworn, original condition for a full refund. My intention is not to sell you jewellery that you will be unhappy with. My intention is to offer sacred tools that awaken you to your deeper potential. Necklaces that make you feel good. Powerful. Connected. In Love.

What I do ask is that you:

Let me know via email that you are unhappy with your selection and why, within 3 days of receiving your item:

Return via registered post within 7 days of receiving your mala.

You have the choice to accept a refund (minus the shipping cost) or a credit for another mala.

What if my Mala breaks? 


You will be sent detailed care instructions with your necklace. Traditionally Mala’s are not considered forever items. It is believed if the mala breaks of its own accord, the wearer no longer needs the energy that was chosen at the time.

My mala’s are excellent quality and the cotton thread strong and durable.


That said, if your mala string breaks within 30 days of receiving her for no apparent reason, I will replace her for you free of charge. You will return to me your broken item and I will replace her for you and I will incur both shipping fees. 


In the event you drop your crystal pendant mala and she snaps in half, you have the option to return to me via registered shipping and pay for a replacement at a discounted rate. Unfortunately due to covid, restrings are no longer available as the time taken to return to India to fix and send back is no longer viable.


Shipping Charges


Shipping charges that are incurred in connection to a return are non-refundable (unless the return is due to a fault of the Mala). You are responsible for paying the costs of shipping and for the risk of or damage to the product during shipping both to and from Mama Goddess.


Damaged Items

If you receive a damaged item, please notify Mama Goddess immediately. 




Custom orders & sale items cannot be refunded.

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