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  • The Mala of Calm is for you if anxiety, chaos or overwhelm have been dominating your life lately.

    You yearn to feel a sense of inner peace and connection within. You so deeply want to stay grounded and present during the dramas and craziness that life brings because you know that reacting and losing your temper isn’t in alignment with who you want to be.

    Mala of Calm

    • In order to cultivate your centre of calm, grounded, presence, it’s time to become more of an authority in your own life.

      The magic of this glorious piece isn’t only in her beauty, nor that she is made up of two calm-inducing and intuition-awakening elements. Your sacred Mala is so darn powerful because she speaks to ALL aspects of SELF through ritual, symbolism, intention AND energy. Keep reading to understand how and why ….

    • MALA OF CALM is made up of AAA grade Amethyst crystal and pure, lightly scented, Indian sandalwood. Both Ethically sourced and 100% natural (including the scent)

      ** Amethyst (deep purple) is the crystal that inspires tranquility, calm, and balance. It has the power to ease mental anxiety and enhance spiritual development. A perfect stone for soothing the soul, restoring equilibrium and awakening at a deeper level. As you find your centre of stillness, your seat of intuition expands.

      ** Sandalwood is a sacred wood from India that is believed to possess magical powers. The divine natural scent induces calm, clear thinking and connection with Mother Nature in the wearer.



    100% cotton is used along with 100% natural sandalwood and rosewood that is sustainably sourced from India. 


    All gemstones and crystals ethically sourced and never dyed. The colours and shapes may vary due to the variety of Mother Nature, but the quality is always excellent.


    All Mala's are hand-knotted in ritual by women artisans in Mother India. 


    Feel good about your purchase. 10% of mala profits goes to Share the Dignity – a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to helping women in need every single day.


    The women artisans making our mala’s are paid fair wages and work in a healthy, supportive environment.

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