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More than just beautiful meditations, my audio programs are powerful teachings offering transformational tools, concepts and energy transitions.

Specifically designed for women to turn inwards, connect with the wisdom of their body and activate their intuitive guidance through the heart, these programs empower women like you to BE more of who you truly are. 


Any one of my programs are for you if you’re:


  • Yearning for clarity and Divine connection that leaves you feeling light, joyful, connected and whole. 

  • Ready to develop your intuition and learn how to act on it 

  • Committed to creating some serious calm, heart centred magic in your life


Start your journey with me today from the comfort of your home.


It is my honour to be your guide.

Kim Newing Mama Goddess

Are you called to dive deeper?

Soul Expansion Training

Kim Newing Mama Goddess

What people say...

There is no woman that wouldn't benefit from Kim’s courses. The connection to myself is stronger than ever before. My understanding and trust of my intuition or Higher Self is stronger than ever and I love it! I feel safer in my own skin now than I ever have before. I just feel so much more peace now. I was really sad when it ended and couldn't wait for class each week. Kim is an amazing teacher. I look forward to working with her more in the future. She's the kind of woman you want in your life ;)

- Rosie Nerney - Newcastle AUS 


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