Soul Expansion Training

For the woman who's spiritual seeking up until this point, still has her looking for the answers ...

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learn the fundamentals of intuitive intelligence
 and change the way you live as an intuitive Being 

Do you find yourself cycling over the same problems and never feeling fully free?

Do you know you're intuitive, but just can't seem to access the answers when you need them?


Do you lack the confidence required to trust yourself and the messages you receive?


This training will teach you you how to ...

Activate and amplify your intuition


Feel more whole, joyful and expanded

Unlock  and embody your life force energy




Become more YOU than you've ever been



By releasing that which interferes with the voice of your

true nature.

"What you think you are is a belief to be undone"
-     A Course in Miracles

This training is for you if…

  • You want to break the cycle of unhappiness and self-doubt.

  •   You want to take your intuition and connection with Source to the next level

  •    You want to be able to confidently trust in yourself and your life path

  •    You want to uncover more of your life’s true purpose and live it

  •    You are ready to commit to simple daily devotional rituals that nurture and replenish your heart, mind, body and soul

  •    You are considering becoming a Priestess of the Third Level with the Institute for Intuitive Intelligence. (This course is a prerequisite for joining the Third Level.)


There are ancient laws that govern the functioning of the entire Universe, and a science to our sixth sense that can activate our innate yet unrealised potential on every level. With this knowledge comes the key to unlocking your spiritual superpower.


- Ricci-Jane Adams

Knowledge alone will not change your life. Chances are, your spiritual seeking up until this point has you still looking for the answers. 

 This revolutionary training is a sacred initiation into activating your spiritual superpower - Your Intuitive Intelligence.


Based on the extraordinary teachings of Dr Ricci-Jane Adams, Dr Joe Dispenza and A Course in Miracles, this program will teach you how to unearth and embody your wholehearted, authentically aligned and wildly Intuitive Self.

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Over our 8 weeks online together, you will:

  •      Learn the foundation and fundamentals of intuitive intelligence, transforming your knowledge into practical, life-changing tools. 

  •   Learn how to differentiate between your human voice and that of your intuitive knowing. 

  • Channel your intuition in a way that feels easily accessible, reliable and powerfully accurate.

  •   Learn the Divine nature of your anatomical heart, and how to create the life you most desire utilising its energy.

This online course, is interactive, experiential and deeply fascinating. It is not just full of slides or pre-recorded information!


  • Lesson calls are 90 mins and conducted via zoom (link will be provided)

  • Live Q & A calls are also in the private zoom room and optional to attend.

  • Online platform with personal login to re-watch uploaded lessons. 1 Year access to the content.

  • Private facebook group is your place to bond with your new sisterhood, share, growth, enquire and inspire one another.

  • Membership in Connected which offers additional tools and support PLUS embodiment classes

  • All calls calculated in Australian Eastern Standard time.

  • 1:1 mentoring to be used within 3 months of program start date.

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This course is truly transformative. The actual behavior change that leads to a new level of self from the effectiveness of the tools and teachings is quite remarkable.

Alexa K - USA

Soul Expansion was phenomenal. This program has helped me to cultivate my intuition with a deeper level of knowledge and knowing and catapulted me to live in alignment with my life and business. Kim is an  incredible teacher and mentor with a presence of deep love and reverence. I am deeply grateful for this experience.

— Adele Renee - NSW, Australia


Course outline...

Week One


April Soul Expansion Training ended June 18th. Next course dates have yet to be determined. Please add your name to the waitlist below to receive updates.



Live Introduction call: TBD

Convert to your time

Week Two


What exactly is Intuition?

Live Lesson call: TBD

Live practice and Q & A (optional): 

Week Three


The Science Behind Intuition

Live Lesson call: TBD

Week Four


The First Law of Intuition - Mentalism

Live Lesson call: TBD

Live practice and Q & A (optional): 

Week Five


The Second Law of Intuition - Correspondence

Live Lesson call: TBD

Week Six


The Third Law of Intuition - Vibration

Live Lesson call:  TBD

Live practice and Q & A (optional):

Week Seven


Energetic Protection and Boundaries

Live Lesson call:  TBD​

Week Eight


Embodying and Living Intuition

Live Lesson call: TBD

Closing ceremony: 

Payment plans available


Option 1: Standard Training 

 $1495 AUD

This option is for the woman who is ready to learn and implement. 


It includes:

8 Weeks of live training (90 min class)

Fortnightly Q & A class (optional)

Workbooks plus additional practices

Private Facebook Group

Online learning portal where course is held

Free access to Non Linear Classes May-Jun

Glorious welcome pack

Payment plans available at checkout


Option 2: VIP Training

$3250 AUD

This VIP option is for the woman who is ready to receive 1:1 support to deepen, release and embody the lessons and practices. 


It includes:

8 Weeks of live training (90 min class)

Weekly Q & A class (optional)

Workbooks plus additional practices

Private Facebook Group

Online learning portal where course is held

Glorious welcome pack PLUS Mala necklace (Intuitively chosen from Archetype/Goddess collection)

Three month's access to Connected Membership

3 x 1:1 mentoring/intuitive 75min sessions with Kim (support to work through beliefs, blocks, challenge in your life).

Payment plans available at checkout


5 BIG FAT STARS! Kim Newing is a gifted teacher with the ability to crack your soul open and pour in more love and connection than I knew was possible. The best part is she showed me how to do this for myself with amazing tools and practices that have changed my life in exponential ways. This is not a course for someone who is not ready to put in the time and effort to grow and change. This is a course for a woman ready to unshackle herself and let her wings expand and soar into the true person you were meant to be before life happened. I walked away from the class empowered, happier than I have ever been and more connected to the people I love most in the world. It has changed me forever. I am so grateful to Kim and her dedication to our well-being and her ability to push us in a loving way to get back on course to living our best lives.

— Cheryl R, Seattle WA

Making the decision to commit to this course was a life turning point for me. I made the conscious decision to set aside my self judgement and scepticism and to approach the information and experience with curiosity and vulnerability. Kim’s energy, care and knowledge made the space safe, engaging and full of ‘ah-ha!’ moments. This course has challenged and fundamentally shifted my thoughts, beliefs, daily practices and ways of showing up in the world...and I am better and mire myself than I have ever been. It is just the beginning. I can’t thank you enough Kim

— Olivia R, Brisbane

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