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  • This Lapis and Garnet gemstone Mala is for the woman who is feeling the rise of her inner fierce Warrior. She knows it’s time. Time to step up and claim the life she desires.

    You will notice the powerful card that accompanies this necklace. A woman who’s committed heart is present, unwavering and dedicated to moving forward on her path. This warrioress knows that true courage, true bravery, requires great vulnerability – the ultimate strength.

    Divine Warrior

    • You have work to do and changes to make, and you know it’s going to require an energy from you like never before.

      As you attune yourself to the vibration of this Mala, you will feel your inner power ignite and spread like wildfire! That said, you will also remain grounded in stability and presence like a true leader.

      Your inner Warrioress is calling you. Attune with her and she will lead the way – not only for others, but yourself also.

      You are ready to know your path and live it with a free and committed heart. It’s time to welcome this powerful and clear energy in to your life – bringing clarity, courage and determined focus to your journey ahead. But remember, the path of the warrior is one of true vulnerability. She must be willing to let down her walls, knowing she will be hurt, let down and her old self meeting her death as she walks the path true to her heart.

      She is not alone. The Divine Warrior works closely with the Animal Spirit Guide – the Lion. Courageous, focussed. Powerful. The two have a purpose and together they rise to meet it.

      Whilst you may choose to wear the jewellery as a daily reminder, the card is also a powerful anchor to support you in calling forth the confidence and energy required during this next phase of your life. On the reverse of the image is a mantra. Reciting this often will help you invoke what is needed right now.



    100% cotton is used along with 100% natural sandalwood and rosewood that is sustainably sourced from India. 


    All gemstones and crystals ethically sourced and never dyed. The colours and shapes may vary due to the variety of Mother Nature, but the quality is always excellent.


    All Mala's are hand-knotted in ritual by women artisans in Mother India. 


    Feel good about your purchase. 10% of mala profits goes to Share the Dignity – a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to helping women in need every single day.


    The women artisans making our mala’s are paid fair wages and work in a healthy, supportive environment.

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