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  • Meet the Divine Healer … this gorgeous pure crystal necklace with accompanying card, is here for she who has sacred work to do. It is for the woman who knows there are changes to make in her life that require an up levelling of her own energy.


    The Divine healer is here to remind you of your own capacity to facilitate transformation in others AND in yourself. You will also notice the powerful card that accompanies this necklace. A great healer, a woman in communion with her heart and soul.


    She is not alone. The Divine Healer works closely with the Animal Spirit Guides – the Dove and the Butterfly. Deep peace and transformation are possible through her as she becomes the cause for miracles in the most grace filled of ways. (Card printed without watermark).

    Divine Healer/Alchemist

    • You have work to do and changes to make, and you know it’s going to require up levelling your own energy.

      The Divine healer is here to remind you that you hold the capacity to facilitate transformation in others. Your heart energy awakens the healing capacity within those you come into contact with.

      Your journey as a healer/alchemist not only brings profound peace and light to others, but to your life also. As you heal, you yourself are healed. Whether you choose this sacred necklace to awaken more deeply into your healing capabilities or to amplify what exists within you already, she has called you for a reason. It is my honour to unite the two of you.

      This glorious Clear/Rose Quartz piece is for the woman who resonates with being a light worker or on the path of awakening into her own unique and beautiful expression.

      The more you blossom your glorious heart, the greater your ability to support and guide yourself and others. Whether you choose this sacred necklace to amplify your healing capabilities or to deepen into what exists within, she has called you for a reason.

      Whilst you may choose to wear the jewellery as a daily reminder, the card is also a powerful anchor to support you in calling forth another level of healing energy right now. On the reverse of the image is a mantra. Reciting this often will help you invoke a power like never before, helping to clear your blocks and releasing resistance in those you are supporting.



    100% cotton is used along with 100% natural sandalwood and rosewood that is sustainably sourced from India. 


    All gemstones and crystals ethically sourced and never dyed. The colours and shapes may vary due to the variety of Mother Nature, but the quality is always excellent.


    All Mala's are hand-knotted in ritual by women artisans in Mother India. 


    Feel good about your purchase. 10% of mala profits goes to Share the Dignity – a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to helping women in need every single day.


    The women artisans making our mala’s are paid fair wages and work in a healthy, supportive environment.

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