Mama Goddess Meditation Series: “Living Calm and Manifesting Miracles”,


Feel calmer and be less reactive. Sleep better AND feel more deeply connected to themselves and life.

Do you want to let go of the stuff that’s weighing you down and have a more peaceful mind and presence in your life? 

Or, perhaps you’re looking for a place to surrender into, where you can plug back in to your inner wisdom and feel more certain of your direction in life? Please read on to learn more …

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“I find myself reaching for Mama Goddess meditations at night whenever something has happened during the day with work, friends, family etc that has thrown me off balance and my mind is spinning in self-doubt. It only takes a short few minutes with Kim’s amazingly hypnotic voice and the relaxing music and I’m so calm and balanced again”. A Lewis

I am so honoured and delighted that you have decided to put yourself first and take time out to plug back in, that I have decided to pay your act of self care FORWARD. For a limited time, when you purchase the “Living Calm & Manifesting Miracles” Meditation Series for $29.95, you will receive a 2nd set to gift to a ‘sister’ of your choosing. A gift to let her know how amazing you think she is and that you want for her, what you’re gifting to yourself – well deserved time out to connect back in with the wisdom of your heart and find deep peace from within.
“Mama Goddess meditations are just amazingly beautiful. I don’t usually like guided meditations as they usually distract me, but Kim’s series are different. As soon as I hear Kim’s voice I feel immediately relaxed. You can FEEL her love flowing through them right through the headphones into your soul and I feel like the Goddess I am for days after. I recommend her programs to every woman young and old”. K Pizzica


Align your energy to better manifest the life you desire

Plug back in to the truth of who you are underneath your worries, stress or inhibitions

Connect more fully with the energy of flow, radiance and ease


Experience a deep sense of transformation and magic that comes with regular use of the program

Then this is the series for you

If you ALSO want to:

Shift stuck and stagnant energy

Release fears, doubts and limiting beliefs

Let go of resistance, resentment or frustration

Then this is definitely the series for you.

The Specifics

This meditation package consists of 3 meditations of varying lengths and topics –

  • 10 Minute hypno-meditation on Shifting from Overwhelmed and scattered  to calm and focussed.
  • 20 Minute hypno-meditation on Raising your vibration in order to manifest more of what you want
  • 30 Minute hypno-meditation on Breaking through resistance and Embodying your true potential.

  What are Hypno-Meditations and what makes them more effective?

Mama Goddess Hypno meditations are a mix of Meditation, NLP** and Hypnosis. This style of meditation is designed to particularly help those with busy, overwhelmed minds, go deeper in to relaxation faster. Using carefully selected language patterns and embedded suggestions, these style of meditations speak to the unconscious mind of the listener offering them the ability to easily let go of struggle and access deeper wisdom, healing and insight from within. When the conscious or ‘busy’ mind is given the opportunity to relax and take the back seat, our ability to access guidance and profound peace from our heart is accelerated.

** NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming is the art and science of understanding how people represent information internally. Using this tool in my meditations enhances my ability to speak to ALL levels of awareness within the listeners and also enriches the meditation by inviting the listener to make their experience more real through ALL of the senses.

The Details
  • The full program is AUD $29.95 and for a limited time includes a 2nd program to gift to a woman you want to share the love with. (See extra details about the gift below).
  • If you have participated in my previous 7 Day Program Awaken the Goddess Within, you will notice a number of differences between the two – each bringing points of change with equal value.
  • In this series, you will receive ALL 3 of the meditations in the ONE email. This offers you the choice to select where you wish to start based on the time you have available and the outcome you desire.
  • After you have purchased the program, and subscribed, the meditation series will automatically make its way to your inbox and you can choose which of the 3 you wish to begin with first.
  • You can download the meditations to your computer or listen directly from your phone (as long as you have data or are connected to wifi – they are in MP3 format).
  • Once purchased, they are yours to keep and I absolutely encourage you to use them frequently in order to gain transformative and lasting results.

**IMPORTANT** Once you have made payment, DO NOT close the Paypal window – Paypal will automatically redirect you to a page to enter your name and email address. You will then need to check your inbox for your confirmation email and click the CONFIRM link, before you can receive your Hypno-Meditation series.

To get the most out of this series, I highly recommend repeated use of each hypo-meditation to allow your subconscious mind to make the powerful and lasting changes you desire.

Buy the Hypno-Meditation Program now
“I Love, love, loved the previous meditation series created by Mama Goddess and am so grateful for the gifts she provides the world. Everyday I listened I felt more and more peaceful, tuned in, connected, fulfilled and my heart wide open. Her ability to quickly get me deep into meditation, even when my mind was super busy, was an experience beyond words. Thank you and if you are thinking about this, just do it xx”.  K Tustin

Important for Gifting a Program Please make sure you have the email of the gift recipient on hand BEFORE purchasing. Once you have subscribed by entering your email address into the link provided after Paypal window, a 2nd page will pop up requesting your friend’s name and email address. Enter their details into the form and she will immediately receive an email mentioning that YOU have gifted her with the series and inviting her to subscribe. Once your friend has subscribed, just like you, the meditation package (complete with cyber gift wrap ;p) will arrive to her inbox so she can begin her journey right away.

A HUGE THANK YOU AND SHOUT OUT TO:  Music Tech Academy Brisbane who did the voice recording and audio mix. The team there are incredibly talented geniuses with outstanding professionalism.The backing music to these meditations has been bought and approved by Universal Life Tools – Essence of Angels CD If you enjoy the music as much as I do, feel free to purchase the CD of sounds via the above link, Karla Pizzica for her beautiful mandala creation for the album cover and last but not least, Hanna Hervall for the incredible photography of my site 🙂

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This amazing FREE 10 minute exercise will change your life!

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