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Trust your intuition
That niggle you feel has
something important to share.
What will it take to listen?


Hi I'm Kim ....

I am a Spiritual Teacher, Well-Being Coach and Feminine Embodiment Mentor. I help women experience happier, healthier lives through embodying their true nature.

It is my purpose to support heart-centred women like you, let go of the gunk that stops you from seeing yourself and your path clearly. 


Chances are my friend, you're here because your seeking up until this point, still has you looking for answers. Perhaps somedays you feel aligned, on purpose and clear. Yet other days you find yourself yo-yo-ing back to lost, confused or disconnected. You thought you were doing all the right things, but still don't have the results you expected and it's damn frustrating!

I want you to know, that feeling of discontent is a message from within asking you to dive a little deeper. It may be inviting you to become more available to the messages and guidance your Soulful Self has for you.


Your intuition is trying to get your attention and it's my job to help you listen.

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Work with me


I wholeheartedly believe that when a woman feels deeply aligned with her heart and Divine nature, her life, health and relationships dramatically improve.

There are a number of ways I can support you, depending on where you're at in your journey.


For those new to this work, I recommend joining the 20,000+ students of mine on Insight Timer, where you can listen to free meditations and get a feel for who I am.



If you know you're ready to go deeper, though prefer to work at your own pace, I invite you to begin with my 8 week signature program 'Soul Expansion Training'. Here you will learn what it really means to trust your intuition and begin to truly change the way you see yourself and your life. 





Self Learning


1:1 Support

For those ready to accelerate their development, I invite you to join me for 1:1 personal experiences by way of:

  • Intuitive guidance readings 

  • Feminine embodiment sessions and

  • VIP mentoring program.

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"This course has been life changing and I am grateful every single day to be part of such a remarkable group of woman. If you are thinking about this course then I know that it is right for you, it is exactly what you need right now."

A. Simms - Australia

More ways I can help right now 

If you've experienced my Insight Timer audio's and you're not quite ready for 1:1's or an 8 week program, my library of short video classes is where you'll want to go next. Here you will find easy to follow practices to support you in feeling more clear and connected. 


About Kim ... 

From my early 20s, the connection between mind, body, and spirit captivated me. Every time I faced an ailment or heard about someone else’s symptoms, I’d eagerly turn to my well-worn copy of Louise Hay’s 'You Can Heal Your Life,' delving into the emotional roots behind the physical issues. I was enthralled by the idea that our thoughts and beliefs could shape not only our health and emotional well-being but also the course of our lives.


I've had the privilege of working with and meeting some of the world’s finest teachers and practitioners (including Louise Hay!) who've help me navigate and heal from childhood trauma and severe health challenges. Over the past 20 years as a practitioner, I’ve dedicated myself to guiding women like you to look deeper, beyond the surface of their pain, to discover the truth available in their healing.

While there are many paths to wholeness, the most profound and miraculous I’ve found involves connecting with and embodying the essence of our own Divinity.

I am here to teach you how to do just that.


FREE Guided video practice  

Join me in my home studio as I guide you through a truly effective practice. In this short video I'll show you exactly how to release your stressful thoughts and restore balance and flow to your energy field.

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