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Trust your intuition
Happiness comes from living in alignment with your Soul

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Welcome to this next level training

If you found my audio journey's deeply healing,

These live and video teachings are completely transformational

Here's how I can help ...


Soul Expansion

My signature course is for
the woman who wants to feel freer, more connected, more in tune with herself and life

For the woman who wants to more easily access and trust her inner guidance system

For the woman who's spiritual seeking has lead her here - ready to embody the next level of herself

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"This course has been life changing and I am grateful every single day to be part of such a remarkable group of woman. If you are thinking about this course then I know that it is right for you, it is exactly what you need right now."

A. Simms - Australia

Ready to Uncover Who
You Really Are?

Access my library of Meditations, Audio and Video Classes that take you on a journey to uncovering who you really are, what you're here for and what you need most in order to feel better and live a life of purpose and alignment. 

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Enjoy movement and breath work to support regulating your nervous system, releasing tension and shifting energy.


Join me as I guide you through a powerful

Non Linear Movement class from the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Come and experience the flow for yourself...

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Embodied Movement

Sacred Jewellery

Choose a beautiful anchor to wear as a momento. Something that represents where you've been and where you're going.


About me... 

Although I've been a Professionally Certified Life Coach and Master NLP Practitioner since 2006, my journey as a professional Intuitive Guide, Meditation Teacher and Spiritual Mentor began in 2015 after a heartbreaking miscarriage.  One early morning as I sat meditating for answers, a powerful message from my Soul spoke clearly in my ear.

"You are here to birth love. Love in a way that awakens the world to the truth of who they really are".

That was the day the

Mama Goddess Movement was born. 


Since then, I have gone on to create and teach programs and trainings guiding women to access their own answers and live a more connected, inspired and joyful life. 

Want to learn more ?


receive your Guided video practice  

Here ....

Join me in my home studio as I guide you through a truly effective practice. In this short video I'll show you exactly how to release your stressful thoughts and restore balance and flow to your energy field.

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Tapping Workshop
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