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Unlock Your Soul's Purpose

A Remarkable 10-Day Audio Course To Uncover Your Soul's True Purpose


You know you are here to do great things
now you're ready to understand what that is exactly.

This remarkable 10-day audio course will show you how to uncover and

embody your soul’s true purpose.


Find your own answers and healing to questions like:


“What am I here to do?”,

“Why did this happen to me?”,

“I don’t know which direction to take?”

“What are my unique gifts and talents?”.

A truly transformational program …


Whether you are in the depths of despair, clearly aligned with your path or somewhere in between – this course will give you the guidance, tools and insights required to step into the next level of your life.


This course is for the woman, who yearns to uncover her soul’s true purpose. It is for she who, at times, feels lost, unclear, uncertain of which direction to take. It is a comprehensive course designed to unearth the barriers of resistance that have been built against knowing your soul’s true purpose.


These 10 days will surprise, delight, challenge and reawaken the remarkable essence that resides within you. Whether you think you know your reason for being here or not, this audio program will lead you on a remarkable journey through the landscape of your mind, body, heart and womb.


Finally, meeting yourself as the full expression of who you were truly born to be.

Meet your Spiritual Guide


I am an Intuitive Guide and Trainer, Master NLP Practitioner, Professionally Certified Coach, Non Linear Movement Method Instructor and certified Ericksonian Hypnotherapist.


Once I learned how to connect with the sacred centre of myself,  everything changed.

I stopped second-guessing the voice of my intuition and started trusting my heart as my inner compass.

I now support women to find and connect with their own inner guidance. Their own sacred Self. The Self who resides beneath the doubt, the pain, the uncertainty, the confusion. 

It is my mission to guide women home so that they

can live a life of trust. Trust in Self, the process of

life and the support of the Universe.

If you really want to know me, there here’s my story …


I was raised by a single mama who did life tough. I watched her daily struggle with feeling unsupported and disconnected. With an abusive and absent father and a consistently stressed out mother, I began to internalise feelings of not being loveable and not being enough. Beliefs of unworthiness etched in to my Being and began to manifest as undesirable habits and behaviours.

Thanks to one person showing faith in me and offering me a new path in life, I attended my first Self development workshop at the age of 18 and by 23 I was one of the youngest pursers of an airline in the world. I went on to meet Sir Richard Branson, climb to Everest base camp, sit for tea with HRH Prince Charles and so much more. My Spirit moved fast when it was aligned with my head and heart.


I genuinely love the work I do, the women I serve and the lightness and humour I get to bring to - at times - some really heavy shit my students and clients journey through. I am passionately committed to love and excellency and one of my channels for expressing these qualities is working with women like you. 

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