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The number one block to your intuition isn’t what you think it is

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

The key ingredient to becoming more intuitive isn’t what you might think it is.

It’s not about meditating more.

It’s not about having the right cards or crystals.

It’s not even about asking the ‘right’ questions.

The number one quality that must be present in order to access your deeper knowing is SELF ESTEEM.

You see, you’re ALREADY intuitive. I know you know this. You sense it. You were born with it, actually we ALL were. But as the years passed, you’ve lived in a system that didn’t privilege your 6th sense. Western society, for most part, prioritises the thinking brain. You’ve been lead to dismiss your intuitive nudges because ‘they didn’t make sense’. They seemed irrational, illogical and to have come from nowhere.

But how many times have you sensed/felt/known/heard the whispers from within and ignored them? Only to utter the words later, “I KNEW I shouldn’t/should have done that!”

Have you ever explored WHY you don’t listen to and act on the messages that come through as guidance?

It is most likely that the reason you don’t act on your inner nudges is because you don’t trust yourself. Self doubt, self judgment, self criticism and self loathing are all major barriers between us and our intuition. These faulty beliefs separate us from our innate wisdom and perpetuate the fear stories like:

“You don’t know”,

“You’re not enough”


“Nothing’s ever going to change”.

If you really want to start cultivating a life of intuitive knowing and living with Grace, it’s imperative to begin by clearing out the limiting beliefs and blocks to loving and honouring yourself.

You’ve got to learn how to build your spiritual self esteem in a way that strengthens your confidence and honours your true nature. Your true nature that is so much more than your set of circumstances.

If the thought of this is a little unnerving but also inspiring, I want you in my last round of Soul Expansion Training for 2021. This program is revolutionary when it comes to training intuition because we go far beyond the traditional knowledge of what it means to access guidance from within.

We learn to uncover fear/doubt blocks and how to work with them on a daily basis. We learn how to increase your vibration in a way that leaves you feeling connected, expanded, stronger and more trusting of yourself. We learn how to lean in and dance with what life presents – even when it’s scary and not what you had planned. We learn what rules and beliefs you’ve got buried in your subconscious that are contributing to feelings of frustration, sadness, anger, doubt.

The doors will open soon for a new round and if it's calling you in any way I encourage you to get on the waitlist. Our last round sold out and the VIP spots were gone in just 24 hours.

It’s time to know yourself beyond your perceived limitations. You are not your experiences, you are not your emotions, not your body, your circumstances, your status, your success. You are the extraordinary light yearning to be seen and trusted underneath all of that.

Let me guide you home.

Read more and join here.

Got questions about the program, check out the FAQ here.

Want to meet with me and see if Soul Expansion Training is right for you, I invite you to book a 20 min no-obligation chat with me here.

It will be my honour to serve you.

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