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Are you finding it hard to be consistent and experience a deep connection in your spiritual practice? If so, you're in the right place ...

“The more connected you feel to yourself

and the Universe, the easier it is to

trust in the process of life”

Do any of these sound like you?


You like meditation but your overactive mind stops you from really going deep with it ...

You value trusting your intuition, but you feel like something's blocking the flow lately ...

You know your Soul has been trying to get your attention, but you've been too busy and too distracted to listen ...


Sister, Connected is the place to stop the Self sabotage, break the habit of avoidance and access your inner wisdom clearly and effectively. This is the weekly guidance you need to stay committed to a consistent and life changing, spiritual practice.


This membership is right for you if: 


  • You've fallen into the habit of looking for the answers outside of yourself

  • You feel like your spiritual practice has become uninspiring and 'just another thing on your to-do-list'

  • You know there's so much more you could be accessing, but aren't sure how to get there on your own

  • There's conflict between your head and your heart and which leaves you feeling frustrated and unclear

  • You want to feel happier, calmer, more at peace everyday

  • You're longing to connect with a like-minded group of women on a similar path

CLASSES ARE ON 2 TUESDAY's PER MONTH AT 10AM - 11AM AEST and recorded for those who cannot attend live.

July classes:

Tuesday July 6th at 10am AEST

Tuesday July 20th at 10am AEST Convert to your timezone here.


What current members are saying .....

Heading 3



In less than three months I have a huge and growing toolbox for my self exploratory journeys and connections. I’m healthier and happier; my marriage is better and I’ve even stopped taking antidepressants. I’m a more patient wife and middle school teacher and last but not least I’m happy to be alive! Thank you, thank you, thank you to Kim and each and every one of the women in our group. With love and gratitude.

- Tracy, Missoula MT

Kim’s teaching methods and this membership have been one of the things I am grateful for in 2020. Finding Kim and this platform is a large part of what propels me into my next level of spirituality and discovering my soul's true purpose.

Denise P, USA

‘Connected’ is about coming home for me, healing in so many ways and on so many levels (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energetic healing). It’s about discovery and magic and happiness. It’s my way back to who I really am Although I’ve only been a part of this group for a short period of time, I feel an incredible shift, a pure sense of ‘happiness’ and excitement of what’s to come. It’s ‘contagious’ in the most wonderful way

- Sacha Weiss, Switzerland



Experience 2 live classes this month where you will meet and restore to the light the self judgment and limiting beliefs that stop you from knowing and treating yourself as the Sovereign Being that you are.

Here is what's included in your monthly membership...

Fortnightly Classes

2 x 60 min classes per month LIVE via zoom. The week between classes will be homework and prompts to stay connected

VIP Perks

20% discount on all shop products, access to private mentoring and ALL previous Connected classes

Monthly Themes

Each month is a new theme. Including: Beliefs, Embodiment, Manifestation, Spirit Guides and more

Powerful Tools

Intuitive Intelligence tapping, Heart coherence, guided visualisation, meditation, breath work, embodiment and more


Private Facebook group to meet like-minded women on a similar journey to you. Feel inspired and like you belong


Opportunity to ask questions, share insights and seek further guidance as required both in class and fb group


FULL ACCESS to all NLM (embodied movement) classes are included. These sessions focus on supporting the nervous system and integrating your shifts at a deeper level


All classes are recorded for those who can't attend live. Optional homework and resources included


Connected is a safe and sacred place to:

  • Learn more about the laws and energy of the Universe

  • Release the barriers that keep you from knowing yourself and receiving your answers.

  • Do your inner work of clearing limiting beliefs and aligning your energy in order to experience positive changes.

  • Be guided lovingly and gently home to the part of you who feels expanded, whole, free, aligned, connected.

  • Deepen your understanding of life itself and expand your awareness to increase your potential

$24.75 AUD per week 

(paid monthly)


Total Value of all that's included is over $1600  

Non Linear Movement Classes = $75

Access to all 30 previous classes = $1500

You pay just $99

Total monthly membership $99AUD + gst

Recurring payments are automated

Kim Newing Mama Goddess

I was looking for a personalized touch without being in a one on one situation and I’ve found that in Connected!

Each week we learn about how we can deepen our soul journeys in very tangible, accessible ways. Everything offered is grounded in tremendous personal and professional experience, learning, training, and practice. I feel lighter, more energized, and stronger. 


- Laura K,


I have seen such a significant change in my life .through working with Kim and being in this membership. From the beginning of 2020 to now I am not sure there are words to describe how far I have come and how much happier I am today.

Cheryl R - Seattle

It’s been less than 3 months and magic is flowing back into my life. It has been so empowering. I feel more alive, I feel myself slowly opening up. I’m becoming aware of unsupportive habits and am taking better care of myself, have been able to let go of a lot of the overwhelm and reactivity and am replacing it with inner peace, gratitude, patience and compassion. I’m enjoying my children again, we have more joy and less chaos in our home. My Connected membership is the best gift I ever gave myself and my loved ones. 

- Froukje, Oregon

Do I need previous meditation/self development experience? 

  • You do not need to have previous experience to join this class. Tools are easy and effective to use. The intention for this membership is to offer you new ways of meeting and releasing stress, overwhelm, fear and resistance. In doing so, we return more easily to our true nature – that of loving, present, wholehearted Grace.


I'm already on the path of Self awareness and deep spiritual understanding, will the classes be too basic for me? 

  • No. Just like a yoga class, the teachings will meet the room where they are at AND based on your level of awareness and understanding, you can take your experience to exactly where you need it to go. \\

 What's the difference between this membership and the Soul Expansion Training?

  • The S.E.T is a course designed to educate. It is a deep immersion into content and theory with additional practices to solidify the life altering learning. Many of the women who have done S.E.T, join Connected after as a way to continue their practices and journey. Many of the women in Connected feel ready now to embard on the S.E.T path. There is no right way to begin, Connected is a bite sized taster of a much bigger teaching.

 Where are the classes held?

  • The classes are all ONLINE. You will need to download ZOOM (it’s free) and have access to the internet in order to participate.

 Do I need to bring anything?

  • Come as you are each class. Bring a journal and pen, glass of water or tea and turn your phone off. Make a comfortable and sacred seat for yourself and prepare to journey inward though the safety of a deeply loving and professionally held container.

 What time are the classes?

  • New rounds begin on the first Tuesday of every month at 10am AEST unless otherwise notified. To convert to your timezone, click here.

 What happens if I miss a session?

  • With access to the Facebook group, you will be able to enjoy previous recordings, ask questions and be the first to receive special deals, offers and invitations to work 1:1 with Kim.

 Are there any other speakers?

  • Please note, there will be times during your membership journey where Kim may not make every class (Allowing for holidays etc.). In these cases you will have plenty of notice and the opportunity to experience the powerful work of a guest teacher for that class or in rare instances, a pre-recorded class.

 What if I want to cancel my subscription?

  • Cancellation policy. This is a monthly membership. You may cancel without penalty at ANY TIME. Please note once you have completed the payment form, your monthly membership has begun. You will receive an email with the details of the Facebook Group shortly after signing up.

  • If you wish to cancel you can update your subscription via your welcome email or simply email: and I will cancel or pause your membership for you. You will have access for the full month you have paid for (there are no refunds) and at the end of that month you will be removed from the facebook group. You may rejoin again at any time at the current price.


Frequently Asked Questions

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