Kim Newing

I am – amongst my other credentials – a professional Believer in Womanly Magic.

Not the type of magic that comes with a cape and wand though, more like the type of divine, instinctive magic that slumbers patiently within each of us, overflowing with potential and yearning to be awakened.

It is my mission to help you find your inner magic and live it too.

I wholeheartedly believe that when a woman feels deeply aligned with her heart and a force greater than herself, burdens are lifted and her life and relationships transform miraculously.

I do this work because it is as important to me as the air that I breathe.

Sister, you are not alone. You do not have to figure it all out by yourself. Yes, you have the answers within you, and it’s my job to teach you how to access them.

I do this through Intuitive coaching and readings, guided meditations and the use of sacred jewellery.

Why these things? From my own experience and experience with thousands of women over the past 11 years – I know that the missing link between feeling lost and unsettled is CONNECTION WITH SOURCE AND SELF.

Every. Single. Time. 

Still reading and curious to know more?

Well, I want you to know me more than just a 2 dimensional online personality, I hope this helps 🙂

I was raised by a single mama who did life tough. I watched her daily struggle with feeling unsupported and disconnected. With an abusive and absent father and a consistently stressed out mother, I began to internalise feelings of not being enough. Beliefs of unworthiness became etched in to my soul and began to manifest as undesirable habits and behaviours.

To the outside world I was a confident, go getter who was succeeding in every area, but behind closed doors I was battling my fears of losing control and feeling abandoned. In my early 20’s I developed an eating disorder which sparked the inspiration for a life long love of healing, spirituality and forgiveness.

On my journey to discovering my truth, I explored my personal values and began to live in accordance with that which REALLY mattered to me.

Our Values are the guiding lights, the principles through which we can choose to live our life. I thought I’d share mine with you because there’s nothing more personal than learning about what a person holds dear to their heart. And when you know your values, it’s easy to live a life true to your soul path. 

I look forward to helping you discover yours! (Did you see there is a free download to discover yours at the bottom of the homepage?). Keep scrolling to read mine ….

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+ KINDNESS. NOT being NICE – nice is bullshit. Nice is often denying your own needs and desires and pretending something is other than it is ….Kindness however, is respect for all things INCLUDING YOURSELF. To me it is about operating from the heart and not the head and living from a place of truth with an open mind and soul towards all living things. Kindness to me equates to unconditional love and that is at the top of my list.

+ BEAUTY. Not conventional beauty per se, but seeing the beauty in all things and allowing the beautiful things in life to touch your heart – and well, I do like things to look beautiful too – I love a gorgeous bunch of flowers on my kitchen table and can also appreciate a really fabulous hair do and dress 😉

+ HEALTH. Honouring your body – not in a restrictive “I’m vegan and I don’t drink alcohol or eat sugar” kind of way (though that’s cool too). In a way where balance is celebrated. Where you honour your body as the home of your soul AND treating her accordingly. Love, acceptance, compassion, movement, wholeness and pleasure (which may take the form of chocolate, cheese and wine sometimes – oh and lots and lots of greens!).

+ SPIRITUAL CONNECTION. I believe that often the missing link when people feel anxious, depressed or lost is their connection (or lack of one) with the Divine/Mother Nature/the Universe/Higher Self/God – whatever you want to call it. By connecting with Spirit, my heart wisdom and intuition daily I feel supported and divinely guided. So many times in my life when I’ve felt lost it has been meditation or sacred dance or checking in with my heart truth that has given me the courage to take the steps required to change my direction. To me, it’s as vital as eating well.

+ SWEET SURRENDER. (Sarah McLachlan – sing it with me!) The art of letting go and letting GOD as they say. I have had three exquisite natural water births all with calm, manageable short labours and drug free, the last two were at home as as close to ecstatic as one could get. All three births have been deeply spiritual experiences for me. I attribute the magic to my ability to step out of the ego/mind and into the arms of my body’s intelligence and Divine Spirit. This quality profoundly moves throughout my life and helps me release unwanted negative energy often.


+ FREEDOM. – Boy has my definition of the word freedom changed since becoming a mother haha. Freedom to me used to mean doing what I choose when I choose it (which lead me to live a really awesome life of travel and adventure). But since having a total meltdown and identity crisis during my first year of motherhood (hello I couldn’t even pee on my own) – I’ve learned that one of the keys to life is to be mindful of the meaning and definition we give to something.

Having the ability to alter our perception of things and choose our own meaning especially if we cannot immediately change our circumstance, instantly creates feelings of freedom and empowerment. If I hadn’t shifted my perception of freedom as a mama of 3 who owns her own business, I would have had a nervous breakdown i’m sure! Freedom to me now means to ability to CHOOSE my response to life and my circumstances instead of being reactive and a victim to my environment – HOLY FREEDOM TO THAT ONE BATMAN!

+ GRACE. Oh sweet Grace. It has been said that Grace has the ability to meet us where we are at, but to never leave us where it found us. One of my mantra’s in life when I am undertaking a new project or challenging experience is: “May I move through this with ease and GRACE”. Grace to me is peace within the heart. It is the ability to find stillness in the mind, to not dramatize or over complicate issues and to humbly remain connected to my center of being, knowing who I am and what is truth as often as I can. It is the quality that allows us to be flexible and go with the flow of life, trusting that whatever transpires, we can handle it, grow from it, learn from it – whilst remaining open and joyful.

+ HUMOUR. Not taking things so seriously. I know things can feel really heavy sometimes … like concrete blocks on your feet and shoulders … but it always passes. Truly, it does. If you don’t like to have a giggle in life or if you prefer to get around with a constant frown, then I’m probably not the coach for you. Laughter is goooood for the soul and sometimes a good old fashioned belly laugh is exactly what we need to change state and bring back playfulness! Cultivating the ability to laugh at yourself and life is one of the best remedies for staying youthful and radiant – so lighten up ladies!

+ GROWTH. You can probably see by the list of courses and thought leaders I’ve worked with below how much I value self development. For me, growth means looking at situations and circumstances through the lens of “What is this here to teach me” and “How can I be of service to others”. I think so many people give their power away by becoming victims of their stories. Holding on to meanings and memories that don’t serve them. Growth to me is about letting go of what weighs us down and giving ourselves permission to shine and step into our own version of greatness. Having the courage to open when we want to close so we keep expanding instead of contracting in life.

+ LOVE. What’s it all about if you don’t have loved ones to share your journey with?! I live in Brisbane, Australia with my hunky soul mate of 14+ years, our three ginger princesses (the youngest born June 2016), dog, 4 chickens and 10 fish. We love to camp and travel to new places opening our eyes to things we never knew existed. I do my best to be present with loved ones and balance work time with connecting time to continue to strengthen special bonds. Even the best relationships require constant work and loving attention. If you don’t feed it, it won’t flourish. Simple.


My qualifications:

More recently I was certified as an Intuitive Guide and Teacher with the Institute for Intuitive Intelligence.

Having trained with Erickson College International in Canada 2005, I am a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) Master NLP Practitioner and Ericksonian Hypnosis. I am also a certified You Can Heal Your Life teacher (YHL – Louise L. Hay) and have experienced workshops, seminars and in person talks given by some of the greats in personal development and spirituality. David Deida, Anthony Robbins, Louise Hay, Brian Weiss, Deepak Chopra, Byron Katie, Rebecca Campbell, Stephen Gilligan, Doreen Virtue, Eckhart Tolle, The Dalai Lama, Gabrielle Bernstein, Wayne Dyer, Michaela Boehm, Carolyn Myss and more.

I have successfully worked as a Life Coach, mentor and intuitive for the past 12+ years and am often told that I am brilliant at what I do. I am highly passionate about and committed to the field of human development and love bringing a wide range of concepts, tools and principles to my clients. I have been on the self development path personally for 20 years – a journey that has helped me heal from chronic illness, an eating disorder and a traumatic childhood.

After a miscarriage in 2015, I was meditating on the beach in Byron Bay, Australia. It was a moment in time I was touched by Spirit and the idea of Mama Goddess was conceived. She became my baby. With a whole lotta love, trust, patience and hard work – here she is, ready to present to you dear sister in hopes that we can Awaken the Goddess within You too. With all my love, Kim xx

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This amazing FREE 10 minute exercise will change your life!

This amazing FREE 10 minute exercise will change your life!

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