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There’s a part of you that longs to live your soul’s true purpose. Perhaps you know what that is deep down, but haven’t the courage to take bigger steps towards it. Perhaps you are still looking, searching, yearning to uncover your true reason for being here.

Wherever you’re at, the glorious magic of this Soul Purpose Mala is designed to bring you deeper clarity than ever before. Awaken to the truth that resides at the core of your being through the power of intention, incantation and crystal vibrations.

The stunning card that accompanies this Mala depicts a heart centred woman surrounded by her animal guides, opening into the Divine cosmos within. Through embodiment of her true self, she awakens into her soul’s purpose. The reverse of the card holds a powerful incantation for you … (printed without watermark).

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Perhaps one of the greatest questions ever posed … “What is my soul’s purpose?”. This simple line has anguished the majority since the beginning of time. We have searched far and wide, studied, worked and strived to uncover what we are here to ‘do’.

But with the willingness to focus on the internal world, instead of constant activity of uncertainty in the outside world, there comes a time when the longing fades, the petals fall and the sweet scent of truth rises from the depths of our heart.

The profound knowing that our purpose above all else is to be that which we are at the core of our Being. Love. Light. Pure infinite consciousness. And once that spark of recognition has ignited, we begin to see that EVERY path we choose, every experience we have, leads us to our Soul’s true purpose. Whether we know our career path or not, whether we have the relationships and life experiences we think we should have or not, our soul path is always to return to love. And it is from this place as a full expression of light combined with the uniqueness of our personality that we truly embody our purpose for being here.

This unique crystal necklace is designed to call you back to your truth. The knowing that beyond all else, you are enough just as you are. And from that acceptance true destiny arises.

** Check out my 10 day audio program on the Insight Timer meditation app called “Knowing your soul’s true purpose” to deepen into this truth for yourself.

Whilst you may choose to wear the jewellery as a daily reminder, the card is also a powerful anchor to support you in channeling your inner Goddess energy. On the reverse of the image is a mantra designed to awaken and invoke your life loving self as needed.

More than just a necklace, Sacred Jewellery acts as a physical anchor, a talisman to help the wearer channel the energy she needs most. When worn the vibration of the crystals combined with the intention of the Archetype, offers a noticeable presence to the wearer.

About Sacred Jewellery:

More than just a necklace, Sacred Jewellery acts as a physical anchor, a talisman to help the wearer channel the energy she needs most. When worn the vibration of the crystals combined with the intention of the Archetype, offers a noticeable presence to the wearer.

Because sacred jewellery works on all levels of self, even if you do nothing but wear her, she will positively impact your life. If however, you REALLY want to feel her benefits you will want to put her into practice.

and here’s how:

Set the intention when you wear her to become that which she represents. Invite her power forward. Call her into existence by stating out loud or to yourself, what you are choosing to live in your life. (Hint, the mantra card that comes with her will be a great place to start).

Then lovingly run each bead through your finger tips. Traditionally mala’s were designed to be used as a meditation tool. Holding the necklace in ones hand and counting through the 108 beads, gives the mind a powerful focal point and awakens the meditator into the present moment.

You can either choose to do this OR simply use her as a tool to return to the breath and focus on the present moment whenever you feel anxiety or overwhelm rising. Pause, place hands on your mala, breathe, sigh it out, recite mantra. REPEAT until you feel the shift within – which is often within a number of seconds or minutes.

CITRINE is the stone of manifestation, imagination, and personal will. Carrying the power of the sun, it is warm and comforting, energizing and life giving. It stimulates the chakras like the sunlight of spring, clearing the mind and stirring the soul to action. Its frequency awakens creativity and imagination, and sustains the process of transforming dreams and wishes into tangible form. With its pure yellow energy, Citrine encourages fullness of life, fresh beginnings and new pursuits.

RARE PEACH MOONSTONE supports the heart as it stimulates the mind, soothing worry or anxiety, and bringing out the best in people. Its loving energy promotes the Divine in all situations, and is an emotional support for periods of transition. Connected deeply with the sacred feminine, this crystal facilitates the embrace of change and growth with Grace.

CLEAR QUARTZ, A master healer crystal, and may be used for any     condition. Clear quartz stimulates positive thoughts and feelings, increases awareness and clarity in thinking, and provides enhanced energy, perseverance and patience. It is the only crystal with the ability to be programmed by the wearer

SANDALWOOD: A sacred wood that holds magical powers believed to enhance meditation and increase the power of your wishes. Its divine natural scent induces relaxation, enhances clairvoyance, meditation, protection and manifestation.

? Gorgeous ethically sourced citrine, peach moonstone, clear quartz and sandalwood. This mala supports the wearer’s desire for unearthing and embodying her soul’s true purpose.

    • Hand knotted with beautiful white or beige thread (comment on your preference at checkout or I will choose for you) by women artisans in Mother India.
    • 108 beads plus pendant and intention bead.
    • Approximately 55cm in length.
    • Shipped by trackable post within 5 business days of order.
    • Please note that each handcrafted piece is unique, Crystal shape and clarity may vary due to Mother Nature and her variety. All mala’s are excellent quality and design.
    • Please note in comments your what specific intentions/qualities you want me to program for you into the quartz. If you aren’t sure or forget, don’t worry – I will infuse her with what this mala is designed for.
    • Arrives in divine velvet pouch complete with mantra card pictured.
    • FREE SHIPPING WITHIN AUSTRALIA ON ORDERS OVER $150 (will automatically adjust at checkout).

    If on back order, please allow up to 4 weeks from point of order to point of shipment to you (though it is often much faster).

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