Calm and Clear


The Mala of Calm is for you if anxiety, chaos or overwhelm have been dominating your life lately.

You yearn to feel a sense of inner peace and connection within. You so deeply want to stay grounded and present during the dramas and craziness that life brings because you know that reacting and losing your temper isn’t in alignment with who you want to be.

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In order to cultivate your centre of calm, grounded, presence, it’s time to become more of an authority in your own life.

The magic of this glorious piece isn’t only in her beauty, nor that she is made up of two calm-inducing and intuition-awakening elements. Your sacred Mala is so darn powerful because she speaks to ALL aspects of SELF through ritual, symbolism, intention AND energy. Keep reading to understand how and why ….

MALA OF CALM is made up of AAA grade Amethyst crystal and pure, lightly scented, Indian sandalwood. Both Ethically sourced and 100% natural (including the scent).

** Amethyst (deep purple) is the crystal that inspires tranquility, calm, and balance. It has the power to ease mental anxiety and enhance spiritual development. A perfect stone for soothing the soul, restoring equilibrium and awakening at a deeper level. As you find your centre of stillness, your seat of intuition expands.

** Sandalwood is a sacred wood from India that is believed to possess magical powers. The divine natural scent induces calm, clear thinking and connection with Mother Nature in the wearer.

Because sacred jewellery works on all levels of self, even if you do nothing but wear her, she will positively impact your life. If however, you REALLY want to feel her benefits you will want to put her into practice.

and here’s how:

Set the intention when you wear her to become that which she represents. Invite her power forward. Call her into existence by stating out loud or to yourself, what you are choosing to live in your life. (Hint, the mantra card that comes with her will be a great place to start).

Then lovingly run each bead through your finger tips. Traditionally mala’s were designed to be used as a meditation tool. Holding the necklace in ones hand and counting through the 108 beads, gives the mind a powerful focal point and awakens the meditator into the present moment.

You can either choose to do this OR simply use her as a tool to return to the breath and focus on the present moment whenever you feel anxiety or overwhelm rising. Pause, place hands on your mala, breathe, sigh it out, recite mantra. REPEAT until you feel the shift within – which is often within a number of seconds or minutes.

You know when you feel more grounded in yourself, everyone around you also benefits AND with a deeper sense of calm and relaxation within, you will find it much more easy to tap into your intuition. This mala will help by acting as a physical anchor to call you home. Home to your true essence of serenity and openness.

    • Hand knotted with 100% cotton by women artisans in Mother India.
    • 108, 6mm beads plus faceted crystal intention bead.
    • 100% cotton thread and tassel.
    • Approximately 45cm in length.
    • Shipped by trackable post within 5 business days of order.
    • Please note that each handcrafted piece is unique, intention bead (large bead above tassel) size and colour may vary slightly due to Mother Nature and her variety. All mala’s are excellent quality and design.
    • Finished with removable Hamsa neck charm – designed to ward off negative energies.
    • Presented in luxurious velvet pouch with care instructions and pocket sized mantra card.

    If on back order, please allow up to 4 weeks from point of order to point of shipment to you (though it is often much faster).

    Have you met her sister Mala’s yet? They make quite the team of 3 when worn together 🙂 Visit SPIRIT and DIVINE QUEEN to completely alter the fabric of your Being ….

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