Everyday Magic Collection

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Everyday Magic Mala Necklace set

For the woman who wants access to all aspects of herself” Receive all 4 everyday magic Malas for the price of 3.
Cost: $535 Your price: $390 – (save $145)

Keep all for yourself or share one as a gift!

Women are fluid creatures. We are in a constant state of flux and emotion which is why I decided to put a full collection together with my ‘everyday women malas’.

How often do we forget to nurture and tend to our needs?

How often do we prioritise busy-ness and getting things done over calm, quiet, still time?

How often do we disarm ourselves with faulty beliefs about being not good enough, not worthy, not capable?

How often do we give our power away to others, forgetting the divine strength and creative magic we possess as women!

Adorn yourself with ALL pieces daily or choose as needed. Each acting as a divine anchor calling you back to what’s needed in the moment.

The Mala of Nurture is for you if you’ve been neglecting your deeper needs of late.

You’ve been avoiding doing the things you KNOW you need to do in order to FEEL better in yourself.

The Mala of Calm is for you if anxiety, chaos or overwhelm have been dominating your life lately. You yearn for inner peace and the clarity that’s born out of groundedness.

The Mala of self belief is for you if you’re going through a period in your life that requires a greater level of courage, self confidence and willingness to take bold steps forward – believing in yourself and your capabilities.

The Mala of Pregnancy and Birth is for the woman who either has life and creativity blossoming inside of her or yearns to. Moonstone is the crystal of Divine Feminine Empowerment and manifestation. If you aren’t pregnant, a mother or intending to be – you can still wear your moonstone mala and enjoy her benefits just like the Goddess of the Moon here.

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