Divine Mother


This Rose Quartz, Howlite and Rhodochrosite crystal Mala is for the woman who needs to feel the deep nurture and guiding love of the Great Mother.

You will notice the beautiful card that accompanies this necklace. A woman who offers profound love and healing support. She is you, AND, she is also holding you. 

The Animal Spirit Guide working with the Divine Mother is the Great Bear. Fierce in it’s protection and love of its cubs – committed to walking beside you offering strength and protection as needed.  (Printed without watermark).

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Perhaps you have been deeply focussed on serving others, or perhaps you have never known what it’s like to feel the unconditional love of a mother.

As you awaken more deeply to the power of your heart energy, you allow the Divine Mother to soothe the weariness of your soul. She is here to bring you back to yourself and back into harmony with your life and the world in which you live.

Whilst you may choose to wear the jewellery as a daily reminder, the card is also a powerful anchor to support you in channeling nurture, support and unconditional love as needed. On the reverse of the image is a mantra designed to help you awaken into this beautiful energy.

About Sacred Jewellery:

More than just a necklace, Sacred Jewellery acts as a physical anchor, a talisman to help the wearer channel the energy she needs most. When worn the vibration of the crystals combined with the intention of the Archetype, offers a noticeable presence to the wearer.

Because sacred jewellery works on all levels of self, even if you do nothing but wear her, she will positively impact your life. If however, you REALLY want to feel her benefits you will want to put her into practice.

and here’s how:

Set the intention when you wear her to become that which she represents. Invite her power forward. Call her into existence by stating out loud or to yourself, what you are choosing to live in your life. (Hint, the mantra card that comes with her will be a great place to start).

Then lovingly run each bead through your finger tips. Traditionally mala’s were designed to be used as a meditation tool. Holding the necklace in ones hand and counting through the 108 beads, gives the mind a powerful focal point and awakens the meditator into the present moment.

You can either choose to do this OR simply use her as a tool to return to the breath and focus on the present moment whenever you feel anxiety or overwhelm rising. Pause, place hands on your mala, breathe, sigh it out, recite mantra. REPEAT until you feel the shift within – which is often within a number of seconds or minutes.

ROSE QUARTZ:The mothering crystal, inspiring nurturing, love and acceptance of the self. It promotes bonding and is a good stone to wear during pregnancy, and birthing. It dissolves sorrows, worries and fears – it is the great healer of inner turmoil and promotes a sense of love and connection with the feminine energies of the Universe.

RHODOCHROSITE: A deep pinky/beige stone that integrates physical and spiritual energies stimulating love and passion whilst energizing the soul. This crystal opens the heart, lifts depression and encourages a positive outlook whilst soothing emotional stress

HOWLITE – The white with dark marbling stone, is a very calming crystal. It aids in soothing the overactive mind and nervous system, eases insomnia and dissipates stress. It helps promote strength from within.

? Gorgeous ethically sourced gemstones makes the wearer of this mala feel even more held and cared for.

  • Hand knotted with 100% cotton in ritual by women artisans in Mother India.
  • 108, 8mm high grade crystal beads, plus glorious polished rose quartz intention bead.
  • Approximately 55cm in length.
  • All pieces are unique, some clarity and shape will vary due to Mother Nature but all are beautiful and excellent quality.
  • Shipped by trackable post within 5 business days of order.
  • Your mala comes with her own velvet pouch, removable Hamsa charm (wards off negative energies) and featured Sacred Archetype card.
  • Collect all 13 Sacred Feminine Archetypes and call forth each energy within as you need it.
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If on back order, please allow up to 4 weeks from point of order to point of shipment to you (though it is often much faster).

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