Soul Expansion Training

MAY 21st 2020

revolutionary intuition training for

women who want to embody their highest self

Embody Grace

Live your potential

Increase your intuition

Unlock your innate Divine power


And do this by releasing that which has been interfering with the voice of your highest self.

This powerful training is a sacred initiation into

activating your spiritual superpower.


What is your Spiritual Superpower? Simply put, it’s your Intuitive Intelligence.

Knowledge alone will not change your life. Being Intuitively Intelligent means to know yourself as God/Source/Unlimited potential AND live this way.

Based on the extraordinary teachings of Dr Ricci-Jane Adams and A Course in Miracles, this program is a powerful training ground for  unearthing and embodying your wholehearted, authentically aligned and Wildly Intuitive Self.

In this powerful 8 week deep dive of live calls and practices, you will

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Learn the foundation and fundamentals of intuitive intelligence, transforming your knowledge into practical, life changing tools. 

 Learn how to differentiate between your human voice and that of your intuitive knowing. Channelling your intuition in a way that feels intuitive intelligent, easily accessible, reliable and powerfully accurate.

Learn the Divine nature of your anatomical heart, and how to create the life you most desire.

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What you think you are is a belief to be undone

– A Course in Miracles

You will be called to do this training if ….


You no longer wish to repeat the same cycles of unhappiness, poor health, financial struggle, unfulfilling relationships and unsatisfying jobs


Your spiritual seeking has not created the changes you deeply desire


You want to take your intuition to the next level


You are yearning to feel more aligned, fulfilled, on purpose


You long to be able to confidently trust yourself


You know your life has more meaning and purpose than you can currently access


You are ready to commit to simple daily devotional rituals to nurture and replenish your heart, mind, body and soul


You are considering becoming a Priestess of the Third Level with the Institute for Intuitive Intelligence. (This course is a pre requisite for joining the Third Level.)


You are willing to do the work. This program is not a quick fix or magic bullet – the miracles are in the embodiment through active practice

There are ancient laws that govern the functioning of the entire Universe, and a science to our sixth sense that can activate our innate yet unrealised potential on every level. With this knowledge comes the key to unlocking your spiritual superpower.

Ricci-Jane Adams

:: testimonials ::

5 BIG FAT STARS!  Kim Newing is a gifted teacher with the ability to crack your soul open and pour in more love and connection than I knew was possible.  The best part is she showed me how to do this for myself with amazing tools and practices that have changed my life in exponential ways.  This is not a course for someone who is not ready to put in the time and effort to grow and change.  This is a course for a woman ready to unshackle herself and let her wings expand and soar into the true person you were meant to be before life happened.  I walked away from the class empowered, happier than I have ever been and more connected to the people I love most in the world.  It has changed me forever. I am so grateful to Kim and her dedication to our well-being and her ability to push us in a loving way to get back on course to living our best lives.

Cheryl R.  Seattle, WA
Cheryl R.

If you are ready to embark on a life-altering path towards LOVE, GRATITUDE, UNDERSTANDING, ACCEPTANCE and INTUITION, this is the course for you.  With a guide that holds the space, knowledge and trust, and who is lovingly accessible and divinely intuitive. If you are ready to face your fears and become all that you really are, if you have felt a calling that there is more, if you are ready to find your tribe, honor yourself, honor your soul, and begin with this course.


Through this intensive mentorship with Kim, in two months, I have changed the way I look at the world, my life, myself. Nothing I have done in the past can compare with the profound shift experienced during this class. I am in awe of my own transformation and the transformation I witnessed in my fellow classmates- who are now sisters. I have never had a teacher so committed or so open-heartedly willing to provide everything you could possibly need to do this sacred work. I started this class stuck and suffering and completed it renewed and equipped with the practices to continue my journey in openhearted, intuitive living. I feel so blessed and honored to have had the privilege to do this life-changing work with Kim and to have her wisdom and love as my guide. I am forever grateful to Kim for this truly sacred gift.

Kari F.  Cape Ann, MA
Kari F.

This training changed me in profound ways that are still unfolding. The lessons and practices I learned are tools I will use for the rest of my life. I’m so grateful to have completed this training and gain a beautiful sisterhood while doing so. Kim is an absolutely amazing, caring, and gifted instructor! 5 stars!! This training is an invaluable tool for anyone who wants to strengthen their intuition, connection, and live from a place of love!


Kim is the perfect woman to help guide you on a journey into the depths of your soul. Her voice is like a soft breeze on a warm day. I found her Soul Expansion training to be soul nourishing, intellectually stimulating, full of wonderful practices and it also helped me connect with other women who were on the same path of self discovery as me. So drop everything and give yourself the time to undertake this truly inspiring course. The ripples will spread out like little waves of love to your loved ones too!

Cassie H.  (Brisbane)
Cassie H.

Kim is an absolute joy who puts her heart and soul into this program. I learned so much about my intuition and how to access it. But more importantly I now have tools to use to help elevate my vibration when I feel myself entering into fear. I promise you that both Kim and this course are life changing! This course has radically changed the way I think, my behaviours and my relationships in the most profound and beautiful ways. I am forever grateful to you Kim for this journey. It blew my mind and far exceeded my expectations!

Kelli S. 
Kelli S.

This online course, is interactive, experiential and deeply fascinating. It is not just full of slides or pre recorded information!

Lesson calls are 90 mins and conducted via zoom (link will be provided)

Live Q & A calls are also in the private zoom room and optional to attend.

Online platform with personal login to re-watch uploaded lessons. Life time access to the content.

Private facebook group is your place to bond with your new sisterhood, share, growth, enquire and inspire one another.

All calls calculated in Australian Eastern Standard time.

Mystic Messages and 1:1 mentoring to be used within 3 months of program start date.


Week One


Live Introduction call: May 21st 10:30am -12:00pm AEST


Week Two

What exactly is Intuition?

Live Lesson call: May 26th 10:30am -12:00pm AEST

Live Meditation and Q & A (optional): May 28th 10:30 am – 11:30 am AEST


Week Three

The Science behind Intuition

Live Lesson call: June 2nd 10:30am -12:00pm AEST

Live Meditation and Q & A (optional) June 4th 10:30 am – 11:30 am AEST


Week Four

The First Law of Intuition – Mentalism

Live Lesson call: June 9th 10:30am -12:00pm AEST

Live Meditation and Q & A (optional): June 11th 10:30 am – 11:30 am AEST


Week Five

The Second Law of Intuition – Correspondence

Live Lesson call: June 16th 10:30am -12:00pm AEST

Live Meditation and Q & A (optional): June 18th 10:30 am – 11:30 am AEST


Week Six

The Third Law of Intuition – Vibration

Live Lesson call: June 23rd 10:30am -12:00pm AEST

Live Meditation and Q & A (optional): June 25th 10:30 am – 11:30 am AEST


Week Seven

Energetic Protection/Boundaries

Live Lesson call: June 30th 10:30am -12:00pm AEST

Live Meditation and Q & A (optional): July 2nd 10:30 am – 11:30 am AEST


Week Eight

Embodying and Living Intuition

Live Lesson call: July 7th 10:30am -12:00pm AEST

Live Meditation and closing circle: July 9th 10:30 am – 11:30 am AEST

Course begins AEST








Level one: Amethyst

$1100 AUD

8 Week Live training + separate Q & A calls

Private Facebook Group

Care package including journal and gemstone bracelet.

Regular postage included worldwide


Level two: Rose Quartz

$1450 AUD

8 Week Live training + separate Q & A calls

Private Facebook Group

Care package including journal, mala necklace and gemstone bracelet - each intuitively selected for you (Value $250)

Intuitive Guidance recorded reading (Value $165)

Regular postage included worldwide

Level three: Moonstone

$2200 AUD

8 Week Live training + separate Q & A calls

Private Facebook Group

Care package including journal, mala necklace and gemstone bracelet - each intuitively selected for you (Value $250)

3 x 1:1 mentoring/intuitive 75min sessions with Kim (Value $1125)

Regular postage included worldwide

This is one of the most life changing online courses out there. Together we will spend 8 weeks diving deep into teaching and practices to support you in your intuitive development. The weekly live calls, combined with a private online facebook community will powerfully scaffold you to succeed in living and co-creating with your own intuitive intelligence.

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