Welcome soulful woman.

You are here because you’re looking for a safe place to do your inner work. The inner work of coming home to your sacred centre. Learning how to connect with or deepen into the part of you who holds the answers.

This membership offers you 4 live classes per month plus a VIP community (via private facebook group) to support you in living a Soul-led life. As a member, each month you will receive meditations, teachings, soul journeys, rituals and intuitive guidance tools to help you feel centred, connected and aligned with your Soul and Source energy.

“Connected” will continue to facilitate a deeper connection to yourself and Source via our live zoom classes. Together we will create a community committed to coming home. Home to our true nature, where we learn how to choose love over fear and joy over suffering.

YOU CAN  JOIN AT ANY TIME and review previous classes via the facebook group.


Hi, I’m Kim Newing!

I am – amongst my other credentials – a professional Believer in Womanly Magic.

Not the type of magic that comes with a cape and wand though, more like the type of divine, instinctive magic that slumbers patiently within each of us, overflowing with potential and yearning to be awakened.

It is my mission to help you find your inner magic and live it too.

Sister, you are not alone. You do not have to figure it all out by yourself. Yes, you have the answers within you, and it’s my job to teach you how to access them

Here is what is included in your $188AUD monthly membership:


Weekly Classes

4 classes per month LIVE via zoom and streamed to private facebook group (link will be provided after sign up). Classes support you in deepening your relationship with Source, Self and your intuitive nature.


Depth of Understanding

Each month is a new theme. Including: Beliefs, Activating and amplifying intuition, Meeting your Guides, Connecting with Archetypes, Deepening your Devotion, Setting up your Spiritual Practice, Uplevelling your Vibration, Manifestation, Mastering Spiritual laws and returning to Grace.

Divine Wife-Partner Mala


All calls are set for Tuesday’s at 10am AEST and recorded for those who cannot attend and streamed live to the facebook group where they will be stored under the Files section of the group for easy-to-review access.

Mala of Devotion 14


The class format begins with 5-15 mins of potent teachings followed by 30-40 min of guided practice. The practice will offer you tools to deepen into the concepts taught and experience a powerful shift in awareness and Self. We will always end using the remaining time (approximately 10 mins) for Q and A. An opportunity to seek further clarification or share your experience if you wish.

Divine Enchantress Mala Necklace


Private Facebook group where you can ask questions and share with one another. Upon sign up you will be invited to join our private Facebook group via email. Please be sure to check your spam folder if you haven’t received your emails. Here the calls will be streamed in case you miss joining live or wish to watch without joining the zoom room.

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Your membership allows you full access to all recordings for as long as you are a member. There is no expiration on the recordings within the group.



The ability to experience connection and deepening with like minded, wholehearted souls on a similar path.

Also, the opportunity to connect with Kim on facebook between classes and receive intuitive guidance as you need it.



Tools used are: Intuitive Intelligence tapping (similar to EFT), Heart congruence/coherence, guided visualisation/meditation, pranayama (breath work), movement (gentle forms of Non Linear/movement without structure, chanting, energy expansion, body scan, chakra realignment, communing with Guides.)

Total cost $200AUD per month

Payment options

Monthly membership $188AUD
Month to Month
Cancel Anytime

 Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need previous meditation experience? 

  • You do not need to have previous meditation experience to join this class. Tools are easy and effective to use. The intention for this membership is to offer you new ways of meeting and releasing stress, overwhelm, fear and resistance. In doing so, we return more easily to our true nature – that of loving, present, wholehearted Grace.

 Where are the classes held?

  • The classes are all ONLINE. You will need to download ZOOM (it’s free) and have access to the internet in order to participate.

 Do I need to bring anything?

  • Come as you are each week. Bring a journal and pen, glass of water or tea and turn your phone off. Make a comfortable and sacred seat for yourself and prepare to journey inward though the safety of a deeply loving and professionally held container.

 What time are the classes?

  • New rounds begin on the first Tuesday of every month at 10am AEST unless otherwise notified. To convert to your timezone, click here.

 What happens if I miss a session?

  • With access to the Facebook group, you will be able to enjoy previous recordings, ask questions and be the first to receive special deals, offers and invitations to work 1:1 with Kim.

 Are there any other speakers?

  • Please note, there will be times during your membership journey where Kim may not make every class (Allowing for holidays etc.). In these cases you will have plenty of notice and the opportunity to experience the powerful work of a guest teacher for that class or in rare instances, a pre recorded class.

 What if I want to cancel my subscription

  • Cancellation policy. This is a monthly membership. You may cancel without penalty at ANY TIME. Please note once you have completed the payment form, your monthly membership has begun. You will receive an email with the details of the Facebook Group shortly after signing up.
    If you wish to cancel you simply need to email: [email protected].au and we will provide you with the steps to cancel your membership as of that month. You will have access for the full month you have paid for (there are no refunds). The cancellation will stop the next monthly payment and your access to the group will be removed at the end of that month. You may rejoin again at any time at the current price.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out: [email protected].

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