We all have those days, weeks, months …

When it all just feels too much and you want to quit, run or hide. Those days when you think to yourself “I AM SOOOO DONE, I JUST CAN’T TAKE ANYMORE!”.

And if you’re a mama, well shit gets even more real …. because you can’t just quit. If the mothership goes down, she’s taking everyone down with her (or so it feels) and so we just keep going.

So where does that leave us?

Can’t cope, can’t breakdown …. 

What an anguishing place to be. When a woman feels trapped like that, she will either deny her own needs and keep going until she gets sick OR she’ll hit the eject button in a moment of crazed madness, leaving a trail of devastation in her absence.

Those who keep pushing in service of others and responsibilities, often end up in a state of numb, sick or depressed. Those who have more fire tend to push until they explode all over themselves and their loved ones.

But here’s the thing. I don’t want you to breakdown. I don’t want you to hang in there, I don’t want you to just ‘make it through’ this tough period either. I want you to fucking THRIVE. I know it’s not easy. In fact, it’s a major paradigm shift to go from feeling like you have no control over your life, to owning your experiences and choices.

But it’s POSSIBLE … and it starts with a few simple steps and being willing to put yourself FIRST a little more often.

Prioritize your needs because no one will do it for you.

Here I want to teach you about the 3 simple ways you can shift your experience and feel better IMMEDIATELY. 

If you’re in a situation that cannot be changed in the near future ie. you cannot source more childcare or support, you can’t quit or just aren’t ready to move on yet …. then we must go with what you CAN action now. I don’t want you to lose yourself, your loved ones or your joy because it all feels too much to deal with. 

Here are 3 things within your control that will alter your experience instantaneously …




Hear me out before you read that list and think “URGH! forget it, I’m out!”

1) MOVEMENT: I’m not talking a hardcore gym regime that requires a red bull to get you there. I mean joyously injecting fresh air and life into your cells! Shaking the stagnant shitty feels out and making space for more endorphins to roam freely.

Be it freestyle dancing to your favourite song in the kitchen, a brisk evening walk to a great podcast or a delicious yoga stretch out that melts away your tension … find the kind of movement that makes you feel FREER in your body and life – not more restricted nor more hurdles you have to climb.

When was the last time you swayed your hips for pleasure? When was the last time you allowed yourself to be taken by a moment of delight as you moved your body to something that inspired you?


2) MINDSET: Sister if the tape you have set to replay in your head is “I can’t do this”, “I hate my life”, “it’s all too much” …. then guess what kind of experiences you’re going to attract? Yep … more stuff to make you feel overwhelmed, stretched thin and resentful. Think about it for a second. How creative do you feel about finding solutions when you are complaining about what’s not working? How willing and able are you to find humour in the situation if you’re filling the space with curses and blame?

Decide today to be more mindful of the way you talk to yourself and others about your life. You won’t catch yourself every time, and it’s ok to throw a pity party now and again, but for the most part make the commitment to focus on shifting where you put your attention.


3) MEDITATION: So right now, here in this moment stop and take a deep breath, then release it with a long exhale. DON’T SKIP OVER THIS PART. Do it. Then take another. Now one more deep breath in and sigh to release it. Feel that? Yeah … that’s your nervous system getting a nanosecond of a break. Feels good, doesn’t it. Being wired to ON 24/7 is EXHAUSTING.

Having no soft place to fall and feel held by the Universe is equally as taxing on the nervous system. Having to figure out all of the answers on your own is also a recipe for burn out. Find your style of meditation that helps you come back to calm more frequently and plug into the knowing that you are guided and supported by the Universe/God/Spirit.

You don’t need to sit cross-legged for an hour to be in spiritual practice. Your meditation might be deep breathing yourself from a state of anxiousness into balance. It might be a prayer to the Divine asking to show you miracles and ease today. It might be a guided visualisation at bedtime to help you sleep.

IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT YOU DO TO PRACTICE. What matters is your intention and how often you return to your centre of well being. 

This is life. It’s a freaking roller coaster of crazy some times and no matter how well you think you’ve got it all worked out – there will always be another opportunity to test you.

Plug back in to yourself. Take better care of your basic needs and pay attention to what goes on between your ears.

You are not alone. We all feel lost, pushed to our limit and like we want to quit some days.

If you’ve been looking for a sign to help you rise from your state of anguish – perhaps this is it.

I would love to offer you a free guided meditation. Just 10 minutes of letting go of stress and welcoming home to calm. Click here to download it now. Put your earphones in, lay back and let me be your guide.

Want more? Now is the time to rise. I’m offering my soul work in a course that opens 5 May 2020. Click here to learn more.

With so much love,

If you’re looking for tools to help you return to centre more often, you can check out the sacred goodies I have in my shop – all designed to awaken you to your innermost magic and cultivate more calm in your life.

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This amazing FREE 10 minute exercise will change your life!

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