I didn’t want to go to yoga last night.

I did want to go to yoga last night.

Which aspect of me should I honour?

Which voice was the ‘right’ one to listen to?

I mean, I had many a reasons as to why it was best to stay home. I came up with a really convincing list that choosing not to go was actually the loving choice.

You know what i’m saying right? And whilst the context here (yoga) can seem trivial – the same experience applies to ALL decisions, big or small.

So, how do we know which is the voice of our deeper wisdom and which is the voice of our ego (the part of ourselves that is not love).

A Course In Miracles teaches us that every choice comes from only one of two places.

Fear or love. Fear is Ego, Love is God/Source/Higher Self

Here’s where I want you to pay attention. You will know if your choice is coming from the Ego (fear) because that choice will perpetuate suffering.

The choice made in love however, always awakens us to new energy, growth, joy, abundance, peace and miracles.

Now the Ego is a slippery energy … it can certainly mask itself as love.

My ego tried to convince me that the ‘loving’ choice was to not ‘push myself’. “Stay home, have a bath, go to bed early” it enticed me.

Sounds loving, yes? You’ve been done over by your ego’s lure before too haven’t you ….

But the truth … when we acknowledge it, will allow all else to fall away presenting the best choice for our Divine selves.

Whilst part of me believed my night could be so ‘easy’ if I stayed home, deep down I knew this was not the reality that would unfold. Instead of filling my cup with a bath and early night, what was more likely to happen this day  (note, on a different day, the decision to stay home may have been the true loving choice, but this day i KNEW it wasn’t)  was to have been tempted by the open bottle of wine, mum duties of children and chores, side-step the bath because it’s now ‘too late’ and then crash into bed feeling disappointed that I didn’t go to yoga like I needed. My body was sore. My mind was over active. That was the truth I knew was really underneath but didn’t want to acknowledge.

And this is what happens.

Our intuition or deeper knowing directs us clearly to that which is for our highest good. The inspiration based in LOVE drops in but so many of us spend the next number of hours, days, months attempting to derail it.

Why? Because the voice of our ego is louder and speaks with more authority UNTIL we learn to change ‘who’s’ in charge.

I had the best night sleep I’ve had in weeks because I chose the voice of Love. I woke up feeling inspired, refreshed, limber – because I went to yoga.

Love chose to dive in even when it felt uncomfortable. Love chose to trust my inner pull, even though all the reasons to avoid, seemed relevant.

The more you lean in and listen, the more you’re willing to act on the whispers of direction you’re given, the more you choose choices based in love and not fear, the freer you become.

This is what it means to exercise the muscles of your intuition. They’re there, but in order to strengthen them, you must WORK them by listening and acting on what presents.

Next time you’re faced with a decision, ask yourself: “What would LOVE choose?” and then notice “What would FEAR choose”?. Awareness is the first step, taking action is where the work really begins.

Let this be the year you are willing to honour your inner knowing.

Need help differentiating between the voice of your ego and the voice of your intuition? This is what I teach best! Learn more here.

With so much love,

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