9 months ago my husband and I made the call.

It was time.

Time to really go for the lifestyle we wanted our young family to have. Time to stop talking about what we needed and how nice it would be and actually put the wheels in motion.

We knew we wanted to be on more land, immersed in nature and in a style of schooling that was in alignment with our family values.

We wanted a sanctuary that inspired more creativity, abundance, joy and connection. A healthful and sustainable lifestyle of growing our own food and keeping chickens again. Have you felt like this recently to? Wanting a tree/sea change? Like there was a calling from deep within to make some radical changes for you or your family?

We were so READY and what unfolded next BLEW MY MIND ….

We started with a list. A clear and well defined list of values and qualities our new home and schooling were to have. We didn’t linger on HOW we would make it possible, instead we began taking daily and weekly, inspired, action.

We set about visiting communities and locations every other weekend until we’d narrowed down that which felt truly aligned. We ruled out anything that didn’t FEEL right – even though on paper the location or school seemed perfect. If our hearts’ didn’t agree, we crossed it off the list.

Persistence paid off … by the miracle of intention and commitment, we found the perfect school and manifested 2 spots even though there was a wait list.

For the next 5 months of Sunday’s, we drove out to the area close to the school and explored the nature trails, creek beds and local shops, planting our energy and calling in our home. I would literally stand arms outstretched in nature speaking out loud “We are here, we are ready for you, come to us with ease and grace”. I meditated, created vision boards and was very selective about what I allowed into my energy field. I was fierce about my desires and purpose. I decluttered my life and met every doubt within that tried to sabotage our success. As a side effect, this commitment to alignment and action, also sky rocketed my business!

We frequented open houses, comparing each to our long list of desires and patiently waited for the right one to present.

And then it happened.

9 months of searching, waiting, hoping, aligning we visited the place we now call home (having moved in last week!). An extraordinary spot nestled high upon a hill with a view into Mother Gaia herself. Could this retreat-like home be ours?

As we approached the house I said to Spirit … “If this is truly meant to be ours, show me a significant butterfly” (my sacred symbol. I am always clear about asking for this).

We walked up the stairs and at the top of the landing was a clear crystal butterfly ornament staring me in the face.

Full. Bodied. Goosebumps.

To make sure it wasn’t just a fluke, in the garden out the back was a swarm of beautiful butterflies – as if put there just for me.


From acceptance of offer to settlement, it took 22 days. (I don’t know if you’ve ever moved that fast, but I can tell you it felt like a whirlwind).

But here’s the thing …. we were already part packed. In December we decided to get serious and show the Universe we were ready so we started packing and selling things. End of January we’d already begun the commute to school before having found our house. We BELIEVED with conviction this was the right move for our family and trusted wholeheartedly that the Universe would provide.

And she did.

If you’re SERIOUS you about manifesting your heart’s desires, read on because this part is crucial ….

Here’s what we didn’t do …

We didn’t let our dreams get smothered by the ‘how’. Yes it’s imperative to have a plan and take action, but it’s a fine line between putting steps in place and feeling like you need to know how to make it possible.

We didn’t become fixated on one specific way it ought to be. Yes we were clear and detailed on what we wanted … but more than the physical, we stayed connected to our VALUES … the qualities and energy the school, property and lifestyle needed to have.

We didn’t feed the fears as they rose when faced with decisions or uncertainty. Of course doubt reared it’s head. We had plenty of times thinking “Where is our place?!” and “Oh shit can we afford this?!” etc. but when they presented, we didn’t ignore then, hide them or feed them. Instead we met them with curiosity and compassion and we worked through the ‘what if’s’ until we found inner alignment again.

My intention in sharing this with you is to inspire you to dare to dream again.

So many people stop themselves at the first step. HOW. They get overwhelmed by the details and the logistics, the financials and the probabilities.

Yes, these things are a piece of the puzzle but your job first is to hold the Vision.

Know what you WANT.

Get aligned with your values.

Call it in.

Take consistent, manageable steps.

BELIEVE in the magic of possibility.

Let go of needing to know how it’s supposed to happen by surrendering to the process of life – but do not lose sight of your values or vision.

These are your guiding lights.

Ready to align and manifest some miracles in your own life?

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What are you ready to call in for your own life?

With so much love and inspiration,

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This amazing FREE 10 minute exercise will change your life!

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