Here’s something I want you to know about me:

I was raised by a single mama who did life tough. I didn’t know my dad very well, but what I did experience wasn’t even close to what I needed as a little girl.

When he died many years ago, I felt ripped off. Like if ever there was an opportunity for him to be present in my life and clean up the mess he’d made – it was now gone.

It’s taken me many years to forgive him for his absence and shitty behaviours.

But I have forgiven.

Do you want to know the tipping point that had me let my childhood go once and for all?

The recognition that the story I was telling myself about my childhood was what I needed to let go of, more than the actual events themselves.

The beautiful thing about life is that once an event has occurred, it is done.

What keeps it alive however, is the constant replay, the voices in our heads, the conclusions we have made and the retelling of the events in a way that perpetuates our suffering.

The moment I stopped focussing on the painful memories of my past and feeding the perceived injustice I felt, the moment I felt freer. Lighter. More in control of my future.

The pain and suffering you have encountered is over. The event exists now only in your memory – even if it happened just yesterday.

What do we gain by revisiting our story of suffering over and over?

Permission to stay small. Permission to feel righteous. Permission to make the other pay for their misconduct. Permission to fulfil the belief that we are somehow fundamentally unlovable, unworthy, undeserving ….. broken.

And when we believe these things to be true, we continue to attract experiences to reinforce this.

I am not trying to minimize the magnitude of your experience. I am not trying to tell you that what you feel isn’t ok.

I am simply offering you an opportunity to finally set your soul free by shifting your perception.

Because I know what it’s like to live on the other side of suffering.

Don’t waste your life wishing something was different than it was. This will only pull you back to the past and rob you of the gift that is truly your life.

You are here.

You survived.

Most of what you tell yourself isn’t actually true. Think about that for a moment. Is it true they didn’t love you? Is it true they didn’t care? Whilst we may never know their answer for this, believing the negative only creates more suffering.

It is more likely they didn’t love or care for themselves more than they didn’t feel this way about you.

Stop traumatising yourself with your thoughts.

It’s time to take a deep breath and exhale all that you’ve been holding dear friend.

Let it go.

It’s time to write a new story.

So where to from here? You’re willing but unsure where to begin. It starts with the long but worthwhile journey from the head into the heart.

For me, it began with the act of meditation. This process taught me how to really sit with the discomfort of myself. Because, let’s face it, meditating for the first time is uncomfortable. But over time, we learn to lean in, observe, allow and then let go.

and the effects are profound. 

Peace arises. Stillness reigns. Truth is revealed.

Find your ‘meditation’ (the practice that cultivates an open, forgiving heart and deep presence in your life) and let it blossom open your soul. Let it be the place within that offers you refuge from your stories, reprieve from your pain.

Let it guide you to the place that is untouched. unshaken and unbreakable.

The more you visit this part of yourself, the more you will recognise that love is the only thing that is truly real and all suffering stems from fear and disconnection.

Plug back in.

Find your true north. Let nothing weight down your wings …..

It’s time to rise up and soar like the eagle you were born to be.

With so much love,

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Note:  I don’t use the word story to diminish the impact of what you or I have been through. I use the word story because so much of what we reflect upon in the past is interwoven with our perception of what happened, and it is not always 100% accurate.

Photo by Hanna Hervall Photography

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