The full moon is always an opportunity to dive deeper into oneself. Each month, the energy ebbs and flows, beckoning for us to shine a light on that which we would often rather avoid.

Thank you full moon in Aquarius for bringing into our awareness that which so many need to own this month.


Our uniqueness.

Our individualism.

Our choices.


Our willingness (or unwillingness) to walk the path less travelled, even when we are deeply uncertain of our destination.


To truly know and trust ourselves, we must listen and view our lives through the ears and lens of our heart. The longer we remain in the tight grip of the mind, the further we stray from our truth and our purpose.



If you’re idling in doubt, this message is for you ……


“It’s time you recognised your worth dear one. For too long you have looked over your neighbour’s fence, with longing in your heart.

Completely oblivious to the pot of gold buried in your own backyard.

You think “If only I had this, do that, wasn’t this, find that – THEN I can live my purpose”.

But your purpose is so much simpler than you think.

And that you ‘think’ at all about your purpose is the very reason it still feels unattainable. Unsure. Unclear.

For it is your heart that knows does she not?

Your purpose must be felt with your Soul – not thought through objectively with your mind.

For your mind will always have things to say that will confuse and conflict with your inner knowing.

You know this to be true, yes?

It is time.

For you to surrender the veil, the illusion that you are somehow less than.

It is time for you to remove the mask of insignificance.

For these are simply layers of untruths that muddy the waters of your soul.

Which, by the way, can never be truly muddied.

For underneath your layers of confusion burns brightly the light of your truth.

Your truth, that you are exactly where you need to be, with the exact amount of knowledge you need to possess right now.


Lean in.


Dive deep.


Sit still.


Open your heart and let the rivers of Aquarius flow through you. Your answers sit at the very edge of your waters – open the gates my darling and allow yourself to be taken with the current.”



Currently I am working with the Sacred Feminine Archetypes – Powerful energies within each of us that bring forth the qualities we need in the moment that we need it. 

Today I sat with an open heart and quiet mind and summoned forth the presence that most wanted to speak this full moon period.

The Divine Sage/Crone – the wise woman (as pictured in my latest card here) has a very important message to share with us all. I hope her words affected you the way they did me.

This full moon in Aquarius brings amplification of our longings and closure to our questions.

Set aside some time over the coming days to open into the whisperings of your heart. Walk in nature, put pen to paper, meditate to the sounds of running water.

above all else, trust yourself. You hold the answers. Be willing to hear something you didn’t expect, but will recognise as truth.


With so much love,


Ps remember to lay your crystals in the light of the full moon to charge them and cleanse them.

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