Oh Capricorn how you push me to strive beyond my own limitations. How I love you and loathe you at the same time, deep down knowing you are exactly the energy I need to expand in my life.


Are you feeling it too sister?


That inner conflict between wanting to climb to the top of the highest mountain and shout “Yes! I have finally arrived!”


And, wanting to curl up under a tree at the bottom and exhale …  “I’m exhausted … maybe another day”.



This full moon in Capricorn is so divinely timed for many. It’s a call yet again to rise beyond the perceived limitations and take the necessary steps to advance to ones higher self and purpose.



But perhaps you for, standing still with footing unbalanced, you’re wondering “What the [email protected] IS my mountain?” “What am I climbing for?” “What am I climbing towards?”.


For many who feel lost, it’s either because they’ve become so fixated on the mountain top representing success (and not the climb itself) or they’ve lost sight of for what reason they are climbing in the first place.


Years ago I remember holding a session for a very successful CFO (Chief Finance Officer). At the time he was in crisis in his marriage and whilst he had achieved so much in his life, he felt like a failure at home.


When I asked him to define what success meant to him, he gave me figures. Numbers of earnings and things he’d acquired. As he verbalised how ironic it was that he’d achieved his perceived level of success, yet still felt like a failure, I pressed him to expand his definition to incorporate other areas of his life.


Success to him, ALSO meant healthy thriving relationships, great health and time to enjoy life with those he loved. But he’d never thought of this until that moment.


No wonder he felt like a failure. He had invested so much of his time and energy into a one dimensional version of success, that he’d neglected the whole other side to it – and some might say the most important side.


We do this don’t we. We lock in meaning and definitions of things based on what our parents taught us or what society sets as a standard. We rarely take the time to question the benchmarks set. Often blindly going about our lives, eyes locked on targets that we’ve never even considered if they are what our hearts truly desire to be happy.


When Greg had the opportunity that day to re write his definition of success, he included being close with his wife, having great communication with his kids, feeling good in his body and having the freedom to live the life he chooses.


All of a sudden that gave him a new burst of inspiration to strive for. And the best part – he realised majority of this new definition was within his control and could be accessed right now if he was willing to put the effort in. He’d spent his whole life believing that success was only achievable through the means of money. He had never considered that he gets to write the rules. He gets to decide what determines HIS success.


From that moment on, he felt free.


Now your rules for success may have nothing to do with money. Perhaps for you it’s “When I finally have a baby, I’ll feel successful.” Or “When I meet the love of my life, then I’ll feel successful.” or when a certain ‘thing’ happens, then I’ll feel happy Etc. etc. But what if you reach that mountain top like Greg did, only to be left feeling empty because your definition was one dimensional. Or even worse, what If you never reach that goal? Will you never allow yourself to feel successful or happy?

The meaning we give to things is so powerful and so often unexamined. We bind ourselves to rules and goals that often keep our happiness at arms length.

So, dear glorious reader of this post, if you are on your way up the mountain, intently focussed on what you have decided is a worthy goal …. Perhaps tonights full moon is an invition for you to stop and turn around. Pause, look at the view. Recognise just how far you’ve come and fill your heart with gratitude and acknowledgment for the strides you have made and the effort you have invested.


Take a moment to recalibrate as you stand still for a moment … Is what you’re heading towards in alignment with your truest self? Will the journey and the accomplishment bring you closer to who you want to become or further from it. Can you find peace, joy, love, happiness along the way?


This level of enquiry is applicable for ALL things … not just goals. Are your beliefs, your behaviours, your commitments working FOR you or AGAINST you?


Make sure you’re climbing towards that which brings you closer to your heart. If not .. if you’re striving to be right, or striving out of comparison or jealousy, tonight is the opportunity to change that.


My gift for you this full moon is a heart opening meditation, to bring you back into the fullness of yourself so you can keep moving forward from an aligned, open, joyful place. You can download day 4 of my 7 day program here. It’s focussed on the Grace within your heart. 


Now, IF you are finding yourself in limbo – not knowing WHAT you are striving for … It’s time to get to know yourself again. You can do this by coming back to, or uncovering your VALUES. Values being the qualities we hold dear and important to us. You can use my free powerful process here to uncover yours right now. No email required, just download and get to work :).

Take some time while you’re there to define what success means to you. Use the power of this months Luna magic to help you get reacquainted with your deeper desires. Be willing to sit in enquiry with your heart. Asking the questions that create powerful change.


“What do I really want?” “What would truly make me happy?”.





“Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of true value” Albert Einstein.



If you found this post useful, please leave a comment or share with others in your life. Let’s spread the love in the form of coming back to what truly matters.

With so much love,

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This amazing FREE 10 minute exercise will change your life!

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