The flower moon.


What a beautiful name for this months Luna magic. She gets her title due to the time of year in the Northern hemisphere where the life cycles of particular flowers are once again in bloom.

It’s fascinating to me, that Mother Nature shows us the answers in so many grace filled and subtle ways.

Take the Sagittarian flower moon this month for example.

Today we are reminded of Divine timing and of the cyclical nature that is life.

Gaia tells us that everything blooms in it’s own time provided the conditions are favourable.

But, please don’t confuse favourable with perfect – we’ve all seen nature pull off the seemingly impossible under less than perfect conditions!. Favourable means the basic needs are met.

Think, fundamental, yet, oh-so-simple.

Simplicity is something we often overlook when we feel dissatisfied or disillusioned with our path. Human Beings like to overcomplicate things by focussing on lack instead of being grateful for what they currently have.

Adequate rest, light, nourishment AND support are the fundamentals for life to develop. In nature, the support is the same for the plants as it is for us humans and that is … Source energy.

The light force within every living thing that vibrates with potential.

Have you forgotten this vital part of your growth? Have you made it more complex than it needs to be?

You’ll know if you have, by the separateness that you feel. By the pressure you’re experiencing and the haste with which you desire to achieve that which is outside of yourself.

It is your God given right to lean into and trust the support of that which created you. It is not only for the chosen, or the spiritual or the religious to feel held, intuitively guided and at peace with life, however she unfolds.

When we learn to draw on the powerful energy of all that is, we are supported to awaken into our fullest potential.


But we must keep in our awareness, that our fullest potential may not look the way we think it should – and herein lies the task to surrender.

To let go. To allow. To trust. To plug in to Source and know that we are destined to flourish and that even in our seemingly halted unfolding, we are still an extraordinary work of art in process.

And perhaps even more importantly …. that during this unfolding that is occurring, you, are absolutely not alone.

For it is in the very moment you make the call for support, for guidance, for help, that you are surrounded by Grace – even if you don’t feel the embrace immediately.

Dear sister if you’ve lost your way. If you feel overwhelmed this full moon. If you feel at odds with life. If you’re fed up with the treadmill that is one challenge after another, I invite you to STOP right now.

In this moment, take a big deep breath and release an audible sigh. And again.

This full moon is your Divine opportunity to call forth support from deep within and around and be willing to let yourself be held.



Go ahead now and place your palms open against your heart and say this prayer. Speak it with intention, with focus, with surrender:
“Universe/God/Angels/Source/Spirit (use any reference you prefer), hear me now. I need your help. I need your guidance. Your support and your love. I welcome your Divine energy of Grace to move through me and my life in ways that open my eyes to the truth of who I really am. Help me to perceive my world through the lens of love and not fear. Help me to release any patterns within that block my fullest potential. Show me who I truly am and what I am here for”.
Take a moment to let those words settle into your bones. Breathe them into your soul and let them light you up from the inside out.
So much of our energy is spent trying to be anywhere but where we are right now.
So much of our time spent using our heads to outthink the problem, that we’ve forgotten how to trust and surrender into the guiding force of life within.

We’ve overlooked that the only requirement necessary for our innate blossoming is to ensure the conditions are aligned and we are willing to receive.
Over the next few days may you decide to carve out some time to repeat this prayer.
To unplug.
To be with stillness.
To sit with YOURSELF.
And not your monkey mind self, but the true essence that is YOU.
She’s in there.
Nestled within the walls of your heart.
Buzzing with light in every cell of your body.
Patiently waiting, to be called forward. Connected with. Awakened.
There is no rush.
You are merely in one of the many and equally important stages of your life cycle and one cannot unfold without the previous being completed.
Be willing to explore yourself and your understanding of life. Be willing to dive into a sense of adventure as you become curious about the side of you that may have been overlooked.


Sagittarius is the sign who is often willing to take up the quest for greater meaning.

Find greater meaning in your stillness. In your perceived lack of forward momentum. Go and find the light of truth, she’s there, no doubt in your darkness but you need not be afraid.

Sit with yourself and your feelings. Deepen into your true essence. Journal your insights then make the commitment to live a life that takes better care of your basic needs.

Come back to your soul.

Let her lead the way for it is she that will guide you home.

With so much love,

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