What if you could rid yourself of the fears, the doubts, the worries that plague your heart and mind?


What if, for just one moment, you felt what it was like to let go of all that has been weighing you down?

Letting go of the disappointments, the pain, the heavy experiences of all that has past?

And also the anxieties, the uncertainties, the perceived impossibilities of all that is yet to come?


What might that be like for you to put down all that you have been carrying and just BE for a moment?


Absolutely liberating, that’s what it would be like.


Deep, profound, peace enhancing, libe-freaking-ration.


So what stops you? What stops you from saying “I’ve had enough now, it’s time to move on?”


The full moon in Scorpio this April 29/30th, wants to know. She is here as the most potent and powerful moon of the entire year. Named the Pink moon, she will be bright and wide and holding space for you with unconditional love and understanding. (Unlike the name suggests however, she won’t appear pink – I know, I was disappointed too!).


This powerful Goddess of the sky has a 1 simple question to pose in order to set you free.


“My child”, she asks, “Tell me the things you need to let go of in order to claim the love and life you desire?”.


Think about this for a moment.  Do you know?


What do you actually desire?


What do you truly want? Or have you been so bogged down in managing stress, problems or people, that you’ve forgotten who you are and what you want for yourself?


This full moon is intense, just as a true Scorpio can be. She is edging us to no longer idle at the perimeter of our fears, teetering on ‘will I?, won’t I?, Can I? Can’t I?’. She beckons us to jump all the way in.


To play full out, and in order to do this, we must decide for ourselves what we really want.


Then we must rise to our feet, meet our deepest fears square in the eyes and dive deeply in with our whole hearts.


For when we choose to lean in to the discomfort of all that feels uncertain, we begin a new relationship with that part of ourselves we had perhaps long forgotten.


The part that is whole. Powerful. Free. Courageous. Pure Love.


Life has cycles, just as the moon and the earth do. Mother Nature doesn’t hold on to her experience from yesterday, she continues to move, adapt, evolve, turn in the direction that is light – EVEN when she has been mistreated.


And so too can we.


The past, the worries, the anger that you hold on to only serves to muddy your future and diminish your vision. It is impossible to see clearly with fresh eyes and an optimistic perspective when your lens is blurred with fears, resentment and self doubt.



If ever there was a time to break free and awaken in to liberating consciousness, it is now.



Your thoughts and your perceptions are the only things that keep you a prisoner to your past and a slave to your future.

Here and now, that’s what you have to work with and the only thing you can ever control is the MEANING you choose to give to something. Will you choose to believe all happens in service of your growth? or as random acts that destroy your happiness? (One way sets you free, the other keeps you a prisoner to pain).

Sacred sister, I ask that you choose wisely. Choose a meaning that supports your growth. Supports your well being. Supports your willingness to forgive and move forward. Supports your need to be courageous and make choices based in LOVE and not fear.


You can do this.

With so much love,

If you are ready and willing, the following ritual can support you in letting go of what you no longer wish to carry and awaken into a greater sense of peace, certainty and courageous action:

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Ps Remember to lay your crystals in the light of the full moon to amplify their charge!




Tonight we aim to make a decision. On who we wish to BE and on what that means for our life. We choose to get clear, let go and take action in order to make some much needed changes. Before you begin, I invite you to take a few deep and cleansing breaths. Signalling to your nervous system that you are willing to relax and open. The more relaxed and open we choose to be, the easier it is to welcome the unknown.

Place one hand on your heart and close down your physical eyes. Keep breathing slowly and deeply and as you do, take a moment to think about some of the simple things that bring you pleasure. Joy. love. Things that make you feel grateful. Happy to be alive.

It might be the warmth of the sun on your skin. The sound of the waves at the beach. The smell of the rain or your naked feet in fresh grass. Perhaps an embrace with a loved one or even something delicious you love to eat. Keep it simple. Let the emotion of these simple joys uplift your heart and awaken your Spirit.

From this place now, go ahead and open your eyes and begin this process with a pen and paper. 




Being clear is half the battle won. Without a direction, it’s challenging to know what you’re growing towards. Step one in this process is to write the following question at the top of the page:


“Who do I want to BE in my life?” 


Think about the persona, the values, the qualities you consider important and necessary to live your best life. Ie. I want to be happy, calm, healthy, loving, adventurous, free, beautiful, truthful etc. I want to be a wonderful mother, wife, successful business owner etc. Spend a few minutes writing down the kind of person/mother/wife/friend/colleague you wish to become.




Now this is where things start to get REAL. It’s time to be honest with yourself. You are the only one standing in the way of the results you want. So let’s do this. 

On a separate piece of paper that you can burn, write and answer the following question: 


“What do I need to let go of in order to embody those qualities?”


ie. “I need to let go of sabotaging myself. I need to let go of being angry at my parents/partner – blaming them for how I feel. I need to let go of believing I am not worthy or good enough. I need to let go of the fear that I’ll make a mistake. I need to let go of always rushing around and never sitting still. I need to let go of friendships that bring me down.” etc.


Go deeper. Write more. Fully purge on to paper your fears, insecurities and any resentment or guilt you’ve been harboring. Anything that’s been dragging you down, draining your energy or has you laying awake at night.

Then prepare to symbolically rid your spirit of such weight by burning your paper in a fire safe bowl – reducing it’s contents to ash.

As it burns, say a prayer to the moon that you are releasing all that no longer serves you. Forgiving all that has past and moving on from that which doesn’t serve me. You are choosing now to make space and energy in your heart for the things you deeply yearn to experience.


Once complete, take several deep breaths in stillness. Notice a gentle shift inside.






This is where the rubber meets the road. Awareness is one thing, but without action – nothing changes. Write at the top of your page:


“What am I willing to do differently?”


ie. “I am willing to start taking responsibility for my life and my behaviours. I am willing to start taking better care of my health and my body. I am willing to start saying no more often – to the things I really don’t feel aligned with doing. I am willing to allow myself to dream again. I am willing to claim the relationship I deeply want by letting go of the old one that no longer serves me” etc.





After you’ve burned your paper and symbolically let go of what’s held you back and looked at what you’re willing to do differently … take a few deep and cleansing breaths, ground your feet into the present moment and make a commitment to yourself. Decide that from here on in, you give yourself permission to feel more, express more, show up for yourself more. 


Then write this final question at the top of your page: 


“What is at least one thing I commit to doing for this week that will move me closer to being the person I wish to become?”


ie. “I will meditate daily. I will start my morning with hot water and lemon instead of coffee. I will find start listening to an empowering podcast/audio book that supports my inner growth. I will attend that class i’ve been putting off. I will go for a walk 3 times a week etc.”


Now schedule it in your calendar or set a timer for it in your phone. Tell a friend about your commitment or tell me in the comments – find ways to keep yourself accountable to following through.


Bonus step: Spend some time scripting the next chapter you wish to create in your life. Continue to write out all of the goals, dreams, desires you have for yourself in your life. The timeline can be as small as the next month to as vast as the next 20 years. This is your process, go where you feel inspired. Feel the renewed sense of excitement and freedom enter your body as you make way for new feelings, thoughts, ideas and visions.


This is your time to shine dear sister. Tonight we commit to letting go of what no longer serves us and awakening into our deepest natures …. magnetic, powerful, beautiful women.


The power of written intentions, combined with embodied positive emotions and powerful visuals makes for a much easier manifesting experience.




If this was useful for you, I would love you to share it with your Soul Sisters of the globe. Let’s set the world on fire tonight in all the right ways!



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