Libran’s have always been one of my favourite people.


Their desire for harmony, their social grace, their eye for beauty …. Their ability to see both sides of the story.


The shadow side of this sign, is often in people pleasing and giving away their power. Saying YES more than they perhaps wanted to for fear of what others may say.


As we look into the 2nd blue moon for the year (blue moon being a full moon twice in one month) – It’s no wonder we are experiencing this inner polarity of Libran energy right now.


Have you noticed it too?


This sort of push/pull sensation. The desire to hurry up with equal desire to slow the heck down. The yearning for great awakening and the desperate need to just idle in what’s comfortable.


Discernment and Presence.


These are the words that come through to me as I write this post.


That’s what’s being called for this March 31st full moon period.



Whilst you may be experiencing upheaval internally or externally (or both! Hang in there sister!), I want to encourage you to find your centre of grounding between the two places.



Between the twoing and froing.


Between the forward movement and the seemingly stuckness.


You know where this place is don’t you?


Yep, in the now. Here in this moment, in the space between your thoughts. The space between your pain and your pleasure, your past and your future.


For in this place, is where we find our strength. Our courage. Our intuitive knowing. Our determination to choose the best path ahead. To decide whether we are truly being called to rise right now, or to rest and reflect.


With each full moon that passes, the light of truth gets stronger. Paths toward healing are being illuminated and many are being called to ask themselves: “Am I willing to do what it takes to live in accordance with my true self?”.


And it’s a big ask.


Because it means letting go of the anger, the trauma, the resentment. It means letting go of the beliefs, the stories, the history that shackles us to repeated patterns.


But when you remember the truth of who you really are, beyond your perceived limitations, you find a depth, an energy, a resilience you had long forgotten existed.


And the pendulum stops swinging.


And you drop into the glory of the present moment. Where only love exists and fear simply melts away.


And once again you are reunited with the magic of your soul.


From this place, you understand the necessity in all of life’s unfolding’s and you make a commitment to the expansion of your heart and getting to know yourself again.


For when you truly know who you are, when you can dance with the light of your Spirit every day, when you can trust wholeheartedly in your ability to live as the person you wish to be – You have found true freedom.


And that is my wish for you.


That is my wish for me too.



And so under the light of this Divine Luna magic, may you choose a ritual symbolic of releasing and rising. May you choose to set yourself free from the binds of what has already been and awaken into the breathtaking beauty that is this very moment right now.



Where you receive the gift of starting over. Beginning again.


I love you.


I am so deeply grateful you are here, reading this post, letting it’s words steep into your magnificent Being.


Life as you know it is changing. Deepening. Evolving.



And that is something to be celebrated.


Surrender your pain dear sister, it’s time to live your truth.


With so much love,


Join myself and hundreds of thousands of other seekers in a powerful ritual to release and awaken this full moon period. Make sure you share with others so we can amplify our energy as a community!



Tonight we aim to make a decision. On who we wish to become and on what that means for our life. We choose to get clear, let go and take action in order to make some much needed changes.




Being clear is half the battle won. Without a direction, it’s challenging to know what you’re growing towards. Step one in this process is to grab a piece of paper/journal and write the following question at the top of the page:


“Who do I want to be in my life?” 


Think about the persona, the values, the qualities you consider important and necessary to live your best life. Ie. I want to be happy, calm, healthy, loving, adventurous, beautiful, truthful etc. Take a breath, close your eyes, open your heart then spend a few minutes writing down the kind of person/mother/wife/friend/colleague you wish to become.




Now this is where things start to get REAL. It’s time to be honest with yourself. You are the only one standing in the way of the results you want. So let’s do this. 

On a separate piece of paper that you can burn, write and answer the following question: 


“What do I need to let go of in order to embody those qualities?”


ie. I need to let go of sabotaging myself. I need to let go of being angry at my parents/partner – blaming them for how I feel. I need to let go of believing I am not worthy or good enough. etc.


Go deeper. Write more. Fully purge on to paper your fears, insecurities and any resentment or guilt you’ve been harboring. Anything that’s been dragging you down, draining your energy or has you laying awake at night.

Then prepare to symbolically rid your spirit of such weight by burning your paper in a fire safe bowl – reducing it’s contents to ash.

As it burns, say a prayer to the moon that you are releasing all that no longer serves you. You are choosing now to make space and energy in your heart for the things you deeply yearn to experience.


Once complete, take several deep breaths in stillness.






This is where the rubber meets the road. Awareness is one thing, but without action – nothing changes. Write at the top of your page:


“What am I willing to do differently?”


ie. I am willing to start taking responsibility for my life and my behaviours. I am willing to start taking better care of my health and my body. I am willing to start saying no more often – to the things I really don’t feel aligned with doing. I am willing to allow myself to dream again. etc.





After you’ve burned your paper and symbolically let go of what’s held you back and looked at what you’re willing to do differently … take a few deep and cleansing breaths, ground your feet into the present moment and make a commitment to yourself. Decide that from here on in, you give yourself permission to feel more, express more, show up for yourself more. 


Then write this final question at the top of your page: 


“What is at least one thing I commit to doing for this week that will move me closer to being the person I wish to become?”


ie. I will meditate daily. I will start my morning with hot water and lemon instead of coffee. I will find start listening to an empowering podcast/audio book that supports my inner growth. I will attend that class i’ve been putting off. I will go for a walk 3 times a week etc.


Now schedule it in your calendar or set a timer for it in your phone. Tell a friend about your commitment or tell me in the comments – find ways to keep yourself accountable to following through.


Bonus step: Spend some time scripting the next chapter you wish to create in your life. Continue to write out all of the goals, dreams, desires you have for yourself in your life. The timeline can be as small as the next month to as vast as the next 20 years. This is your process, go where you feel inspired. Feel the renewed sense of excitement and freedom enter your body as you make way for new feelings, thoughts, ideas and visions.


This is your time to shine dear sister. Tonight we commit to letting go of what no longer serves us and awakening into our deepest natures …. magnetic, powerful, beautiful women.


The power of written intentions, combined with embodied positive emotions and powerful visuals makes for a much easier manifesting experience.



Don’t waste another moment wishing things were different than they are. Ground yourself into the present moment and decide to take charge of your life again. Magic awaits you ….


…. oh, and one last thing …. REMEMBER TO LAY YOUR CRYSTALS UNDER THE LIGHT OF THE MOON TONIGHT. Lay those beauty’s out to cleanse and charge :).


If you love crystals as much as I do, come and check out my sacred mala and bracelet collection too. I’d be honoured to make something for you!

Also, if you’re looking for online guided meditations to support your divine feminine expansion, I would be honoured to be your guide. You can also learn more about my intuitive readings here.

Namaste xxx

Ps. If this helps you, please share with others so we can continue to spread the love and awakening all over the world. Each flame igniting the ones around it. xxx

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