It’s international women’s day.


What is that exactly? It’s the day we commemorate the movement for women’s rights.


It’s kind of absurd to me that we’ve even had to travel this path as a female. Absurd, but necessary.


At what point did it become ok to deem women less than? Unworthy, foolish, even demonic?


Which do you believe is more true? That we are powerful beyond measure, strong, wise goddesses capable of alchemy and miraculous creation?


Or that we are inferior, weak, of lower intelligence, a problem to be solved ….


Which of those would you find more threatening? More likely to crumble towers built of lies, deceit, injustice? There is a new movement taking place in this very moment. Can you feel it? Where women are rising, standing firm in their inner knowing, shedding the untruths and limiting beliefs that were placed upon them and their lineage, for centuries.


A movement that is so much more awakening than claiming our right to vote. 



This movement is our homecoming.



A return to love as Marianne Williamson would say, a return to truth. That we are more than our bodies, our gender, our past. We are more than our oppressors, our failings and our successes. More than our roles, our bank accounts or our social status.


We are fucking powerhouses of the earth, the sun and the stars. Goddesses of the moon, the wind and the trees and we will not stand for bullshit any longer – not yours and not our own.


We are everything and we are ALL and together we rise on the backs of our past to claim our true selves. Closing the door in what has been – taking the lesson, ALWAYS taking the lesson and turning to face a new opening. A doorway through which there is no return.


For once you touch that place inside you that remembers the truth of who you really are – your life as you know it will forever change.



It’s time.

Walk with me.

Together we rise.






Prayer of the Rising Woman. Your 1 minute to freedom process:


Place one hand on your heart – to awaken your heart centre. Take a few deep breaths, allowing you to drop into the present moment. Think for a second about the people you love and the things you are truly grateful for in your life. Smile at the knowing that you have much to be thankful for, even when some days it doesn’t feel like it. Fill your heart with the energy of love, now read this prayer out loud:


I do not need to worry about what is to come or what has passed,
For I am here.
And here in THIS very moment, I am willing to believe that all that has lead me here has been to support my awakening.
My homecoming.
My remembering.
Of the truth that I am powerful beyond measure.
That I am important. That I matter. That I am one with the Universe and that,
I am love.
I am willing to be ok in the uncertainty.
I am willing to surrender to the unknown and believe that there is always a higher purpose to my perceived challenges.
I know that I am not my problems nor my emotions, and that I can find the solutions within me, if I am willing to listen to the callings of my heart.
She knows. She has always known.
I am willing to believe that I am divinely guided and that I am truly never alone.
I commit to spending more time awakening to the wisdom and courage within me, instead of looking outside of myself for the answers.
For I trust that deep down, I know the way.
I believe that I have great purpose in being here and even if I don’t yet know what that is, I take comfort in the truth that I am enough.
Exactly as I am.
I believe in divine timing, and that just as the seed planted in the earth is destined to blossom when it’s ready, my blossoming is well underway – even if it feels below the soil line at present.
I know for certain, that no experience, past, present or future can ever take away my light, for my light, just like my soul, is absolutely indestructible.
I am here to rise and rise with my sisters I shall.
And so it is.


Take a deep breath in and release it slowly out. Feel for a moment the energy of fierceness rising in you.


Allow this prayer to permeate every cell of your body and settle deep in to the fabric of your Being.



Repeat as many times as you need to, to feel a rising shift within.




On this day, the day of honouring for the women who have walked before us, those who in pure courage chose to walk with fear ANYWAY. You will never be without your fear, as my mentor Ricci- Jane Adams reminds us, the key is to use her as an ally. Work together instead of against one another. Know that you are so much greater than the thoughts you think, the emotions you feel and the circumstances you are in.


Choose to raise yourself to a higher consciousness, a higher vibration in order to access the guidance required to rise in your own life.


You do not have to change where you are at, in order to feel more empowered.


You simply need to change your vibration.


We rise by choosing TRUTH based thinking instead of FEAR based patterns.


It’s time.


With so much love,



PS If you feel something deep within you stirred whilst doing this process, share with other women so they too can rise higher in themselves and their lives.

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Photograph by the incredibly talented Hanna Hervall Photography

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